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    Re: How great is this pic

    Put the 7 footer in the back of the plane. That's just mean.
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    Re: Throwin' It Down with Deonte Burton

    6' 4"?? Are you kidding me?? That is sick!! His hands are so huge!

    Just wait until next season when he does one of those power dunks. The roof will blow off Hilton. I cannot wait to see how...
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    Re: Kansas at West Virginia

    I want KU to win. I've conceded the Big 12 title to them and I don't want WVU to finish ahead of us.
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    Re: What is Adam Woodbury's problem?

    And all those pictures showing Woodbury holding the opponent's arm down during jump balls are also examples of unintentional acts. Give me a break. And, yes, I've played a ton of basketball.
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    Re: Coach Dean Smith dies at 83

    I could be mistaken, but I think the academic scandal at UNC (the biggest academic scandal in NCAA history ) went back to Dean Smith's tenure.
  6. Re: Defensive much can we reasonably expect?

    Do you expert your local meteorologist to forecast tommorrow's weather based entirely upon what the weather was the past 5 days, or do you expect the meteorologist to also factor in weather fronts...
  7. Re: AIB to become University of Iowa - Des Moines

    Somebody mentioned earlier that AIB is Ukraine. If that's true, than Sally Mason must be Vladimir Putin! (I won't make any shirtless jokes.) And the Board of Regents must be the US government!
  8. Re: AIB to become University of Iowa - Des Moines

    The University of Iowa's arrogant and desperate attempt to catch ISU in enrollment backfired and now they look like fools.
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    Re: ISU #11 in new AP Poll.

    Wisconsin and UNI are in similar situations - very good teams who reside in weak conferences. They are both in great shape for a high seed because nobody in their conference is strong enough to...
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    Re: Favorite moments at Phog Allen

    This moment was so bad it has become my favorite - standing there watching in total disbelief as KU "rebounded" the first shot of Jared Homan's two shot free throws and sprinting down court and...
  11. Re: AIB to become University of Iowa - Des Moines

    AIB is perhaps best known for its Court Reporting degree program. If a UofI athlete is majoring in Court Reporting, can they transcribe their own trial?
  12. Re: AIB to become University of Iowa - Des Moines

    I couldn't agree with you more. However, Iowa State has always been told to tread lightly with the Des Moines market because it's the lifeblood for the privates (Drake, Grandview, Simpson, etc.). ...
  13. Re: AIB to become University of Iowa - Des Moines

    The "gift" route was chosen because UofI administration felt that this would allow them to consummate the deal without Board of Regents approval. While that might be technically true, it's obvious...
  14. Re: AIB to become University of Iowa - Des Moines

    You raise some valid points. I think the biggest issues are that Iowa clearly tried to circumvent the Board of Regents throughout this whole ordeal, and that part of Iowa's motivation for doing this...
  15. Re: AIB to become University of Iowa - Des Moines

    For Fall 2014, ISU enrolled the largest number of high school graduates for 74 of Iowa's 99 counties. The remaining 25 counties were split between UNI and U of I.
  16. Re: STORY: ESPN's Jay Williams on Fred Hoiberg

    Thanks for sharing.

    Man, I hope we don't get so amped up that we can't hit the broad side of a barn.
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    Re: South Carolina Game Cocks

    They blew out Oky State by 26 a few weeks ago and, like all Frank Martin teams, they are incredibly physical. Thankfully, we have Endozie and McKay for added depth down low. Gonna be a whole lotta...
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    Re: Future of the PG position

    Fred doesn't recruit so much by position. He just recruits the best players he can find and builds a system around those players to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. That...
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    Re: Mich State loses...

    My prediction : Big 10 only gets 4 invites to the dance.
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    Re: Parquet tickets for sale

    I got 2 seats on my couch in front of my 65" high definition plasma. Includes private restroom, complimentary food and beer, and reserved parking space immediately outside the entrance.

    $500 for...
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