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    Re: College Wrestling Changes

    On this one, I share your concern about one wrestler going all Hawkeye and simply shoving his opponent rather than wrestling, but I feel there are strategies that the 'defensive' wrestler could use...
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    Re: College Wrestling Changes

    Interesting discussion. I'm normally not a fan of frequent rule changes, but I do think some things need to be tweaked in the interest of the sport.

    1. I like this, but share a concern about too...
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    Re: NWCA National Duals

    That whole thing was so poorly officiated. How it ended up 1-1 for the penalties was ridiculous. Then Gillman didn't even have an arm on the headlock reversal. That was an illegal hold also.
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    Re: ***WIsconsin Dual Gameday Thread***

    Incorrect. The 10 second advantage was for the WI wrestler. It didn't work out, but I think it was the right call to cut him.
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    Re: ***UNI Dual Gameday Thread***

    Seriously, you guys need to stop. It's poor form. This was not an upset, everyone knows UNI is down this year. You get that in wrestling with only 9.9 scholarships. However, they have a strong...
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    Re: Anyone think of this?

    Not to downplay the significance of 4 straight tourney's but we did have a run of 5 out of 6 years between Orr and Floyd. Of course, the Mayor had something to do with that run also. :smile:
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    Re: McKay Starting Over BDJ

    This move is entirely about overcoming our slow starts. We need McKay's length on the floor at the beginning of games. I doubt the minute distribution changes a whole lot overall.
  8. Re: :::Official National Recruiting Day Thread:::

    Let's put it this way...this class looks to be better than it probably SHOULD have been given the state the program is in. With the atrocious on-the-field product to the player and recruit...
  9. Re: :::Official National Recruiting Day Thread:::

    And Jaypee Philbert JUCO OT.
  10. Re: DeVondrick Nealy and Tad Ecby (Officially) No Longer with ISU

    Good reminder to pump the breaks on the new recruits. Glad they signed, but now the work begins for them. I remember a few years ago I was over the top excited about a couple of RB recruits. ...
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    Poll: Re: Who is Iowa State's GOAT MBB player?

    I can't comment on those I never saw play, so Don Smith, Hercle Ivy & Gary Thompson are probably getting the shaft on my list. Anyway:
    1. Fizer
    2. Grayer
    3. Hoiberg
    4. Stevens
    5. Tinsley
  12. Re: 2/3/2105 Intermat Rankings (ISU remains 11th)

    It would take an upset or two, but I'd give Weatherspoon an outside shot. 184 seems pretty up for grabs. These next 4 matches will tell us a lot about where Lelund stands.
  13. Re: 1/27/15 Intermat Rankings (ISU still 11th)

    Fair enough. Hope you're right. We will need his points at nationals. 74 is a stacked weight and the small margin for error that Tanner seems to leave himself does not lend itself to a deep run. ...
  14. Re: 1/27/15 Intermat Rankings (ISU still 11th)

    I have read several posts like this (not just from you) both before and after the meet claiming that Tanner was the 'favored' wrestler and I just don't see it. Crutchmer has 4 losses to the 1, 4 & 6...
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    Re: ***Oklahoma State Dual Gameday Thread***

    OK - I stand corrected on the call for this particular match. I brought it up more as an example of our continued problem getting out from the bottom. That and scoring at the end of periods are the...
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    Re: ***Oklahoma State Dual Gameday Thread***

    I agree, it is so nice to have us competing with top 10 teams now vs. where we were just a few years ago.

    Larson and Smith did a great job of not only staying with top guys, but nearly pulling the...
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    Re: Wrestling Season

    Competing with March Madness is the single stupidest thing our sport does and is so easily correctable. I'm a huge wrestling fan, but even I often miss some action because of this. Also anyone who...
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    Re: ISU vs OSU lineup comparison

    I really hope I'm wrong, but I don't like the matchups here at all. 33 and 97 are the only weights we are favored. 41 & 74 would be mild upsets but definitely possible. Unfortunately I think OSU...
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    Re: QB of the future

    Four pages of everyone arguing over semantics...
    Yes, if you only got to pick ONE player, a great QB would be the most beneficial.
    If you could pick one position group, it would be best to have a...
  20. Re: ***Beauty & The Beast (#6 VT) GameDay Thread***

    Their regular 57 pounder is ranked and hurt. probably would have beat Goettl but wouldn't have been enough to win
    the dual. As far as I know they were full strength otherwise
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