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    Re: Gave the ******* game away to KSU

    Baylor closed us out 22-6 (iirc).

    KSt did the same thing. 22-9 to finish the game. It was 60-48 at the ten minute mark, after Houge's three. Then turnovers, bad shots, and shaky defense. Just...
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    Re: Niang and Hogue

    Houge is just not comfortable at the 3, imho.

    He is trying to be more of a shooter, more of a passer. How many times has he tried to get the ball to McKay when it just wasn't there? He is trying...
  3. Re: *** Official #12 IOWA STATE vs Kansas State Game(day) Thread ***

    Feels like Nader should have a good game. He seems to thrive when play gets more physical - WV, Iowa, road games in general.
  4. Re: Everything we could hope for in college Bball happened tonight.

    Another thing I've been watching in Louisville, since I had considered them competition for a 3 seed. They are 3-3 last 6 games including losses to Syracuse and NCSt. Not sure if they are...
  5. Re: Baylor Walk-On ineligible after receiving impermissable benefits.

    The reason this is a rule in the first place is probably because someone was abusing it in the past. So they make the rule to put an end to it. Change it back, it gets abused again.

    As others...
  6. Re: Check out this AMAZING Cyclone "tornado" logo concept

    Great name for a band. College, alt music style. You should trademark immediately.
  7. Re: Check out this AMAZING Cyclone "tornado" logo concept

    I got a tornado logo shirt at dogtown a couple years ago. IDK if they are carrying anything with it currently, but they were in the recent past.

    Love the tornado logo, but agree with those who...
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    Re: how to transfer tickets

    Yep, you can email them to someone, and then they print them out. Easy and free.
  9. Re: Snow Keeping You From Attending Baylor Game?

    To respond to OP: No. No it will not.

    110 miles each way, hope it won't be a total snowpocalypse.
  10. Re: Cyclone students by county vs UNI and Iowa

    I was thinking the same thing! Lots of ag majors I suppose (I was engr).
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    Re: ISU 2nd Toughest Power 5 job

    As others have mentioned, what was KState ranked on this pre-Wizard? About 10 spots below the bottom.

    A great coach can overcome those challenges anywhere, though it is harder.

    I have a hard...
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    Re: Chris Jones?

    Only impact I can see to ISU is that it might hurt Lousiville's seeding, helps cement that #3.
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    Re: Men's big 12 tournament

    Contacted them friday and they said I was getting tix, upper deck. I am Century and have mbb season tix, so this is what I expected. Said should be mailed out this week or next.

    Dumb question,...
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    Re: Kassoum Yakwe

    Houge could be taller, but I would challenge how on earth he could be more athletic? He is strong, cat quick, and can jump out of the gym. What more could he do? Fly?
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    Poll: Re: will texas make the dance?

    I put no. I think today they'd be in, but I think they are going to lose a lot in the next 3 weeks and play their way out. Just not a lot of GAF out of them.
  16. Re: KC Star: The Big 12 has the title race it deserves

    I just don't see it happening. Even if we win out (which I think is maybe 25% chance), and KU loses at OU (>75% chance) -- then it's shared and KU will keep their streak. Don't they have like 3...
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    Re: Gonzaga in trouble

    Sagarin numbers:
    Zags are 0-1 against Top 25, 4-1 against Top 50

    Teams with MORE than 4 wins against Top50:
    Miami 5-5
    LSU 5-3
    Indiana 6-8
    St Johns 5-6
    Purdue 7-5
    OK St 5-7
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    Re: *New Uniform Thread*

    Agree. My daughter has a t-shirt version, and it looks awesome. But the unis, by the time they had the numbers on them, etc, looked awful. I'd be OK with it if they could make it look good on the...
  19. Re: Second half clinic: Outstanding movement, shot selection, and decision making

    Exactly. And where earleir in the year, when they would occassionally panic and start ****ing the bed, NONE of that at all yesterday. Just relax and take what they give you.

    Confidence to be...
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    Re: Tall Lineup Next Year

    And let the rosterb****** begin!

    If CFH wants to go tall next year, I could see GT playing. You can't ignore a 7-footer defensively, no matter if he is built like Manute Bol or Shaq. Even...
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