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    Re: GIA = Hilton South

    Hilton West is on reserve for Omaha, Nebraska next month.
  2. Re: Conference Road Record List from Orr to Hoiberg

    In case you wondered here is the Kansas list over the same time. Poor K State. Obviously KU is really good home and away. I don't have time for every team, but would be interesting to see how our...
  3. Re: Conference Road Record List from Orr to Hoiberg

    However, I'm not seeing the other 3. Are you looking at another year perhaps?

    @KState L
    @OU L
    @Neb L...
  4. Re: Conference Road Record List from Orr to Hoiberg

    See I thought he had won down there too, but I couldn't see it on the list I was sifting through. I'll change it. Thanks!
  5. Re: Conference Road Record List from Orr to Hoiberg

    I'm pretty surprised the number of times in that span Nebraska won in Hilton. Don't get me wrong it's a good spread, but it's not the dominance we think of. In a way it pisses me off more than the...
  6. Re: Conference Road Record List from Orr to Hoiberg

    Thanks. Correction made. It appears Purple Kansas was #5 at the time. 3 point win. I do not remember that. How the heck did that happen?

    On a related note I attended the Creighton/Butler game...
  7. Conference Road Record List from Orr to Hoiberg

    Solid perspective on conference road wins from WRNL today.

    After reading that I was curious what conference...
  8. Re: UCONN and Kentucky laid eggs throughout last year before the NCAA's

    Ahhh geez. Could we not have such two extremes in this fan base? The comparative eternal optimist and the entitled meltdown freak drive me equally crazy. We're starting to sound like Husker football...
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    Poll: Re: Reasons why ISU is better than KU

    We've seen the phog and I say, I say, I say boy, we ain't scared. Coincidentally we spell it right up here. Now pay attention boy.

    On another note, is it possible this Fog is what a Jayhawk...
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    Re: Kansas fans

    Hey I'm no Jayhwak hater. A Bill Self hater, maybe. Most of the Jayhawk fans I know are class people. Even watched the game tonight with one. The ones I know can rattle off Cyclone names from the...
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    Re: Kansas fans


    God I wanted the win tonight. But all the signs in their house....about OUR HOUSE! Made me chuckle. They know we're a threat to the status quo.
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    Re: Utah's Loss is ISU's Gain? Or is it?

    We (I) want Omaha to happen. For a few reasons.

    1. I want a giant four day party with my Iowa relatives here. Hell, you're all invited.
    2. We'd own this city the entire weekend. It'd be very...
  13. Re: CONTEST: Who is the most knowledgeable Big 12 hoops fan on CF?

    Saturday, Jan 31st
    TT @ WVU
    TCU @ ISU
    KSU @ KU
    TU @ BU
    OU @ OSU

    Monday, Feb 2nd
    ISU @ KU
  14. Re: *** Official Texas vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Skimming through the game on DVR. Was I the only one who caught the ESPN cut away to commercial showing the scenic sights of campus on a winters night, including the beautiful glowing lights of the...
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    Re: Worst halftime show ever

    Could we just hire Hawkeye belly tattoo guy for halftime entertainment? Isn't that how we should properly view Fran and company? He might be grotesque but at least Chubs isn't R rated. #TruffleShuffle
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    Re: What the heck happened?

    I actually think FT's improved. Pretty sure I counted a spurt where we made six in row. Still frustrating to watch hack-a-Clone become a way back into games for teams. I'm looking at this way though...
  17. Re: ***OFFICIAL Post UK Game/Season Thread :(****

    Why am I not just outright angry? Totally new feeling. Not like any of the letdowns of the past in any sport.

    Of course I'm disappointed we didn't win. Just wanted to see these guys keep playing....
  18. Re: Chants during UCONN free throws last night..

    Has the band always done this? Or is it something that's been brought back?

    I remember hearing chants in the late 80's. Ones that I remember are: "The ball is a rubber chicken" and "An airball...
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    Re: ESPN Bracket Leaderboard

    Tomorrow's opponent is in the same state that has Daniel Boone National Forest.

    As Charlie Sheen would say, "BOONE! Winning!"
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    Re: ESPN Bracket Leaderboard

    I took a train ride in Boone once. And my wife's childcare center she works at has a classroom named for Boone. (Full of Union Pacific children.)
    But I think the most interesting fact about...
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