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    Re: officials were good today

    Good point. If we could get John Higgins and 2 clones to show up for 25 games a year, I could live with that. Likewise if we had to endure 75 Paul Jansens in a season, the question would be what do...
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    Re: Where can I get a good Reuben?

    It's not in the Des Moines area, but I've heard from multiple people that the Crescent Moon in Omaha's Midtown area has the best Reuben that they have had. Their claim to fame is that they follow...
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    NFL: Re: NFL Offseason Thread

    The Vikings are truly in a position to be able to use the rational of "best player available". The front office has stated that they have identified 8 spots on the roster that they want to upgrade. ...
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    Re: ISU falls to 14th. UNI 13 in AP

    Many voters look at more than just what happened last week. Our losses to SC & Maryland look worse than they did a few weeks ago. The beat down on TTU makes the earlier loss look even worse. Some...
  5. Thread: Rico Gathers

    by Steve

    Re: Rico Gathers

    Dave Winfield was drafted by the MLB, NBA, ABA, & NFL. He's the only athlete in history to be drafted by 4 major professional leagues.
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    Re: Who plays as a freshman

    One difference with AJ & Jake playing as freshmen was that there was going to be a void at LB the following year. This year there are no Sr LB's so there should be returning starters at all LB...
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    Re: :::Official National Recruiting Day Thread:::

    It's a steeper hill to climb when you compete against teams that bring in more higher ranked players, but it can be done. A combination of 4 factors can lead to success.

    You have to use...
  8. Re: DeVondrick Nealy and Tad Ecby (Officially) No Longer with ISU

    Ecby and Iowa State were probably never a good fit. There were some serious discussions, including some on this site, three years ago about him not staying around for year 2. He ended up getting...
  9. Re: RECRUITING: JUCO expects to start at LT next season

    I agree that a LT needs to have solid footwork and hand technique to counter speed rushers off the edge. But in most cases, the LT knows who he will have to take on with these techniques when he...
  10. Re: The most impressive thing about our 2015 football recruiting class....

    Recruiting often plays out something like the following:

    School - We really like you. You would be a great player in our system. If we were to offer you a scholarship, would you be ready to...
  11. Re: RECRUITING: JUCO expects to start at LT next season

    From an assignment point of view, it's easier for a guy coming in over the summer to contribute at tackle than it would be at guard or center. Scoggins has more to master as an inside guy, but at...
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    Re: The winner of the $1,000 is . . . . . .

    306 was looking good if the goal line call goes to Lynch. If the receiver had won the battle for the ball on the last throw, 307 would have probably been the winning total.
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    Re: If ISU ends up with an extra scholarship

    I assume that you are talking about the same Ohio State team that brought in a total of 5 QB's over the past 5 years. They are successful because they understand that every position group has needs...
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    Re: If ISU ends up with an extra scholarship

    Maybe because once you get past 4 scholarship QB's, the extra clipboard holders are among the least important guys on the roster. They usually are not effective special team contributors and don't...
  15. Thread: Iowa vs UNI

    by Steve

    Re: Iowa vs UNI

    The solution to Aaron White feeling sick and tired - just be honest with yourself about who the better teams are.
  16. Re: Nader's strong showing result of the wakeup call from Oleshany?

    What's missing in all of the discussion is that this is a play that occurred before McKay becomes eligible. Given that, one can surely argue that it could have been a foul. When we see plays like...
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    Re: Greenberg Tweet on McKay

    So if I had been to an early practice in October, does it make sense to anyone that I would have seen McKay get much if any playing time with the starters. Most of us are smart enough to know the...
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    Re: Niang Blows Kiss to Hawkeye Student Section

    I hope that he was considerate and didn't use up the dry erase marker provided by the Hawks. Be polite and bring your own sharpie.
  19. Re: Did you catch the .......Who's a better hire, McCaffery or Hoiberg

    Maybe both schools ended up with the coach that they deserve and the best that they could have hoped for at the same time.
  20. Thread: Block!

    by Steve

    Re: Block!

    That makes at least 3 of us who actually say what happened. The ref got caught up in ball watching and completely ignored the lower body pounding by a defender who had not established a legal...
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