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  1. Re: Favorite Memes or Gifs representing the Last Couple of Days

    Up until today, my favorite Cyclone Fanatic Thread of all time was the GIF Summary of the 2014 Cyclone Football Season. Today, I have found a new favorite. I was expecting comical stuff but this...
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    Re: Enjoy the ride

    My opinions through the season so far :
    A) Buddy Hield is probably going to be Big XII player of the year
    B) Oklahoma has a serious basketball team and has caught fire, and if the Tournament...
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    Re: Dan Patrick vs. Colin Cowherd

    I use to be in the car a lot for work, so my line up would go Mike and Mike, followed by Cowherd, then the Dan Patrick Show. I was tuned into AM 1600 ESPN Radio in eastern iowa and they killed the...
  4. Re: ***Official #15 Iowa State @ #9 Kansas Gameday Thread***

    Speaking of that, any but else get caught by the commercial right before kickoff. The one about "what if your TV went out" Given all the snow fighting I did yesterday, I literally just got in from...
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    Re: Friday OT - Favorite Video Games

    Wonderful, another Friday OT that makes me feel old. So here are my thoughts. I grew up on the Nintendo ES. By the time the Super Nintendo came around, I was too old to dive into it too much. ...
  6. Re: Have flu so will not be able to attend KU game. 2 tickets available.

    That, and..... how about I meet Ted for the tickets, enjoy the game but ultimately end up with a 3 day flu a few days after the game gets over. And I pay $300 for it. Sounds like a great deal.
  7. Re: *** Official #11 IOWA STATE vs #22 Baylor Game(day) Thread ***

    But that would mean Cyclones have to make their free throws, and with all due respect to those who actually are playing the game, the Cyclones are not exactly all that intimidating from the free...
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    Re: Georges Bum of the Game

    I'm siding with Gonzo on this one. Honestly, I was laughing pretty hysterically when they bypassed the roster photo of Bryce and put in the one with him in cuffs.

    Question is: this is just some...
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    Re: Dumbest xmas gift you have ever gotten.

    EVERY year, my mother in law gets me (4) 150 packs of coffee filters. I make 1 pot of coffee a day, maybe, MAYBE 2 if it is obnoxiously cold out and I'm really REALLY tired.
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    Re: BB gun or Soft air pellet gun?

    I'd go with the Daisy air rifle as shown above. Given your location go BB and not Pellets as the beginning gift, then when he gets more experienced the Daisy can use Pellets.

    To answer you...
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    Re: Tuesday OT - Favorite holiday movie

    Sorry in advance for the derailment of the thread because I just know people will start in with the "Rudolphs" "Frosty the Snowman" and "Charlie Brown Christmas" chants but.........I have young...
  12. Re: ***Official "Let's get this over with" TCU vs. ISU Gameday thread****

    I put this in the Look A Like thread, but it may actually be better suited for this one. So, TCU is the chickens, Iowa State is the little boy, and the National Championship Playoff hopes are what...

    Iowa State stands in the way of TCU's Playoff opportunity. This isnt a GIF thread I get it, but I think this is very fitting.

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    Re: Forgotten movies of the 80's and 90's

    That and the guy who snorts the K12 snow up his nose with a straw "this stuff is so pure, I could sell it for millions!!!"

    My movie list:
    The original "Fright Night"
    The original "Lost Boys"...
  15. Poll: Re: Torn about the TCU game... How do you feel?

    Fine, I'll come out and say it. I prefer it if Iowa State loses. The income that Iowa State would receive if TCU makes it to the National Championship would be too much to overlook. I love the...
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    Re: Your top 10 movies in the past two years?

    I thought "When the Game Stands Tall" was the best movie I'd seen in the last 3 years.
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    Re: ISU: All-Defense Team

    When I think of defense I remember Kenny Pratt and Jacy Holloway. They were either really good defenders or really bad defenders so I had defense associated with their name somehow. Anyone...
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    Re: Great piece about Hoiberg from Fox

    I remember Hoiberg having a lot of dunks. They were never high flying (except THE dunk on Acie Earl), but I thought Fred did a lot of his token 1 handed, non flashy, fast break slams? But maybe I...
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    Re: Iowa HS FB -- Round 1 (Wed. 10/29)

    Granted I know you may have been trying to be funny, but my nephew was on that team so your comment kind of caught me across the side of the head. Anyone in Eastern Iowa knows that Anamosa went...
  20. Re: Forget best BBQ in Des Moines or about best in the world?

    I'm not qualified to comment on the "best in the world." But I was fortunate to be in Memphis TN for a business trip. I was put up in the Peabody Hotel for 2 nights. I asked the bell hop where the...
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