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    Re: *New Uniform Thread*

    I hate to ***** about this type of stuff, but I have to agree regarding the logos. They got it right, IMO, with the new primary logo. But the secondary logos are horrible. The cy face in a...
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    Re: Rick Barnes on the hot seat

    I've been saying for years that Rick Barnes is horribly overrated, especially in the media. Yes, they consistently make the tourney, which is a tremendous accomplishment. But Texas expects more,...
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    Re: Bracketology 2015...

    That's the key, and it seems to be the one angle nobody is talking about. A lot of people I talk to seem to think ISU has a 3 seed in the bag. We're on pace for that, but could certainly lose it...
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    Re: Most wins vs Top 25 last two years

    If I'm not mistaken, I believe McDermott only had one win over a top 25 opponent during his entire four years in Ames, and that came in the final regular season game of his ISU career, at KSU. Now...
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    Re: Who is Bobby Knight yelling at? ESPN2

    Where is the TV crew sitting that they could be blocked by fans? Sounds a bit rinky-dink.
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    Re: JTS construction webcam?

    The most impressive view by far of the new endzone progress is from the south exterior. Due to the elevation differences, that's when you really get an appreciation for the scale, especially now...
  7. Re: U.S. Presidents Assigned to College Teams

    Nebraska is pretty spot on.
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    Re: Nader is a DUDE!

    The thing I love about Nader is how deceivingly smooth he is at taking the ball to the rim. As big as he is, you expect him to get somewhat out of control when he has a head of steam, but he often...
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    Re: 2015 Football Tickets

    The renewal process if you want to change seats couldn't be more of a cluster. For starters, the online system has always been cumbersome. I'm wanting to go from 2 tickets in our current section to...
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    Re: #Hang5atHilton

    I did. But that wasn't a well-known fact at the time, and 99% of Cyclone fans are probably still unaware of that. Thus, as I stated in my post, I can sympathize with the hesitation felt by some...
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    Re: #Hang5atHilton

    A couple of things that come to my mind with this conversation:

    Does anyone remember Fizer's last home game? I was a nice win over a ranked team- not KU, but a good Big12 team that season. May...
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    MLB: Re: RIP Ernie Banks

    At 83 it shouldn't be so shocking, but it is. He spent a lot of time in Wrigley, and he always seemed so happy and energetic. This is one of those that sneaks up on you, I suppose.

    I have a...
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    Re: Texas Tech look-alike thread

    Mods, please merge.
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    Texas Tech look-alike thread

    I'll start.

    looks like...

    Some will get it. ...
  15. Re: Fans: Quit basking in the glory of ESPN and the praise and do your REAL job!

    I'm sure some are gonna knock this post, but I love the overall message. Set aside the smartphones. Set aside everything and just go nuts for great basketball in Hilton. We need unrestrained...
  16. Re: *** Official #17 IOWA STATE vs #14 West Virginia Game(day) Thread ***

    I hate watching games like this. It's not basketball. Wish the point of emphasis on hand checking and such would have stuck.
  17. Re: *** Official South Carolina vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Niang tech: It came on an ISU defensive possession where the SC player was called for a foul. According to John, it sounded like Niang went to grab the ball from the SC player on the baseline to...
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    Re: Rethinking season results after USC game

    Funny how leadership always becomes an easy target after a loss. As a lifelong college bball fan, I'm still not sure what leadership looks like through a tv, but I do know there isn't a...
  19. Re: *** Official South Carolina vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I love Hogue's hustle, but I would support this for a couple of reasons. One, his energy off the bench is a great tool to have in the toolbox when things aren't clicking early. Two, I'm kinda tired...
  20. Re: *** Official South Carolina vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I thought the game turned when, on consecutive possessions with a small lead, we pulled up and decided to play in the half court rather than push the tempo. Monte even hung in the backcourt on one...
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