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    Re: Kansas opens at -5.5

    Anyone else think this 5.5 is an interesting number. It's not like we are road warriors by any stretch. I guess to me this seems like a low opening number......
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    Re: Kansas opens at -5.5

    I bet (no pun intended), that goes up into Monday.....7 maybe?
  3. Re: The Importance of this Next Game when it comes to winning the Big 12.

    I think if we lose at KU the equalizer will be if KU loses at WVU, which is possible.

    Bottom line, we can't afford to even go .500 in road games this year.

    I think we will look back and see...
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    Re: Is Texas out of Big12 title Contention?

    Yeah, probably a rather futile post but they got SOOOOO much hype as the favorite this year I just thought maybe I was missing something. I know they have lost a lot lately, however it seems they...
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    Is Texas out of Big12 title Contention?

    I believe Texas is pretty good, but I feel as a contender for the Big12 title, they are out after losing at Baylor. Thoughts??
  6. Re: *** Official TCU vs #15 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    If this was anywhere else but Hilton I would be really worried. But I'm just worried, so
  7. Re: If you aren't already confident about this weekend

    I thought the KU v TCU game was a story of when you take a team for granted. We did it against Tech which one could argue has a better, more consistant offense than TCU.

    If that game was KU v TT,...
  8. Re: Best fans in college basketball...Weakest student section

    I can't believe I wasted .09% of my IPhone's battery life reading this thread. I can't get that back....dammit
  9. Re: Of the two Big 12 Games tonight (Tues) which outcomes help ISU the most?

    Don't tell me not to be a dreamer or a Big12 schedule schemer.

    BTW....WVU vs KSU was like watching Big10 basketball boooorrriiinnnggggg
  10. Re: *** Official Texas vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Get back up in the race, take Texas a little farther away from being a factor
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    Re: COLUMN: This team can't be trusted

    This team has shown all year they cannot be trusted, they also have shown they would rather shoot the easy three instead of trading paint in the paint. I was seeing three balls clanking off rims in...
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    Road wins have always been a challenge for us, regardless of the opponent.

    We didn't play well, it wasn't scouted well, and frankly it wasn't coached that great. However CFH has a way of reaching...
  13. Re: where do you think we'll be ranked tomorrow?

    15 about right
  14. Poll: Re: Who looks like the player who can be the on court leader?

    Sometimes a leader runs into a wall of big ego's and can't lead.....
  15. Re: Press, Press, Press at start of the game against slow pace teams!

    This team has a lot of guys that CAN score 30 any given night. But no one that can score 15-18 consistantly every night.
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    Re: Contrary to Popular Belief

    I was upset with the mindset of "keep chucking (and clanking) three's up" when we were doing decent in the middle. This game had ALOT of similarities with that Baylor game.

    Horrible from 3
  17. Re: *** Official #9 IOWA STATE vs Texas Tech Game(day) Thread ***

    A lot of hero ball being played today
  18. Re: *** Official #9 IOWA STATE vs Texas Tech Game(day) Thread ***

    It's far from over but lazy defensive effort and refusing to go inside on TT is not going to be enough to win this game.
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    Re: Iowa State at Texas Tech predictions

    The point spread in the end, unless you're a gambler is irrelevant.

    But what does matter is getting some of your deeper depth some playing time on the road. I.E Edozie, Custer
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    Re: Nearly 1/3 of the way through the Big 12

    I think the Conference champion will have no more than 3 losses. I can see KU only losing 2 more games this year.
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  • February 2, 2015
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