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  1. Re: CONTEST: Who is the most knowledgeable Big 12 hoops fan on CF?


    A long time advertiser here at Cyclone Fanatic - Phillips Floors - is giving away a really cool and unique area rug to the smartest, most knowledgable Big...
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    Re: Adding 3rd Stall Garage

    Interesting... When my parents went to sell their house a couple years back they were told by numerous realtors that adding a third stall would cost nearly twice as much for them to get put onto...
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    Re: Sick puppy

    Sorry to hear about that. Dogs rock. We just put down our 7yr old golden two months ago and it was not easy at all. Thoughts and prayers with you.
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    Re: Ankeny dentist recommendation.

    If you love cyclones you'll go here.... The younger dentist here is a cyclone :yes:.
  5. Re: enCYCLONEpeda: Team scoring and player ratings

    Khaal, can your next piece please rip on 4-5 other players on the team who are due for a breakout :unsure:
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    Re: Starting 5

    The big thing about that is, it's always going to be an experiment. Fred's going to play who's hot and who gives him the best matchup (they may not start the game that way but we've seen this time...
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    Re: Starting 5

    He's not even halfway through his soph. year and people throw him under the bus for his D on Forte who will likely put those numbers up against everyone in the conference this year. He's showing...
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    Re: SDW is transferring

    Good luck to you SDW! I'll be cheering you on wherever you end up!
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    Re: Math Homework problem

    So my dirty mind just added up all the (positives) of the numbers and assumed she was asking you to come over for a fun time...:eek::wideeyed: Hope I was right for your sake :v_SPIN:
  10. Re: Who will be our next Defensive Coordinator

    Not that I would disagree with a Burnham firing however he lost a lot from his front 7 prior to this year. Lost George due to graduation. Coe and Irving (and I believe a number of others?) were...
  11. Re: *** Official Maryland vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I don't think the defense was horrible tonight. It wasn't great, but it's not like they lit us up for 90. We had an off-shooting night (very off). Part of that was just due to everyone being off,...
  12. Re: *** Official Maryland vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    couple pretty bad defensive'll be interesting to see how this translates. Texas is another team that can throw this kind of size at us.
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    Re: wvu- uconn game thread

    Can't fault a coach for trying to get his team to play physical. I'll always like Huggins for the following video (most coaches don't give a rats @#$ if their players get hurt but you can tell he...
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    Re: ISU apparel - DSM Metro

    love tailgate clothing... unfortunately you just missed the one weekend of the year that they sell over in the ankeny area at a discount price. we hit them up when they come through.
  15. Thread: MONTE

    by clone4life82

    Re: MONTE

    Completely agree. He put on a show in front of a lot of nba Scott's last night and will have more opportunities to do so the rest of the season. I wouldn't be surprised if next year we are without...
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    Re: Cheick Diallo

    Sure - if Diallo is the best choice, he will get minutes. Go back and reread what I posted. I'm not disagreeing with you, just pointing out that just because someone starts, doesn't mean they are...
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    Re: Cheick Diallo

    Just because someone doesn't start doesn't mean they won't get the lion's share of the minutes.
  18. Re: Is there a buy-out clause in Pollard's contract?

    Especially after the record that chizik put up. I don't think any of the hires that Pollard has made were bad hires at the time but it's very easy for us as outsiders to look in five years down the...
  19. Re: *** HOOPS PREDICTIONS for the 2014-15 season ***

    Non-con: 12-0
    Con: 15-3 (undefeated at home, losses on the road to KU, TU, OU)
    big 12 tourney:2-1 (loss in the final)
    Dance: 3-1 (make it to elite eight-too much can happen with seeding and what...
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    Re: Let's say...

    Agree 100% with your post...that's why I started this thread. None of us want a 2-4 win season however going into it, it's tough to say we would've been any better than 5 wins.
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