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  1. Re: Of the two Big 12 Games tonight (Tues) which outcomes help ISU the most?

    Texas and Oklahoma were thought to be contenders for the title but they are both 3-4 and are pretty much out of it. The title winner surely will not have a record worse than 13-5, which means those...
  2. Re: Give a grade for each area of ISU's game last night

    The team played exceptionally well to start the game up 10-2 or something like that. Texas just looked like a different team the final 10 minutes. They ended up shooting 10-22 from three, which is...
  3. Re: *** Official Texas vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Amen. We thought we struggled to rebound against Baylor, but we ain't seen nothing yet because Texas has a lot more big bodies than Baylor.
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    Re: COLUMN: This team can't be trusted

    I don't think a conference title is out of the question, but now it becomes imperative we go 3-3 in our remaining road games. If we do that, and win our remaining home games, we finish 13-5. For...
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    Re: ISU vs Texa$ Predictions

    I just hope that if one of our starters is not focused on defense, Fred yanks them right away. It's one thing to miss shots. That shouldn't get you benched. But taking contested three-pointers 10...
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    Re: Is Texas Tech in Lubbock a trap game?

    Some people are saying this is a mentally weak team. I don't think so, and my evidence is how this team has played in the final four or five minutes of their games. They've played well during that...
  7. Re: enCYCLONEpedia: Iowa State @ Texas Tech preview

    I'll be disappointed if we don't win by at least double digits. For these games against the league's bottom feeders, the only thing to get excited about is how well the bench plays. Nader and McKay...
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    Re: ISU Statistical Highlights Thread

    That's a really good sign and a testament to how difficult we are to stop. Which player draws the other team's best defender? It makes an opposing coach's job very hard.
  9. Re: Rank best played Conference games so far...

    I've noticed this, too. It's great to have a guy like McKay who can block and alter shots, but it puts him out of position for defensive rebounds. Having two other bigs in at the same time would...
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    Re: Tinsley or Morris

    Are you sure you're remembering this right? ISU won five straight against KU but the streak started during the 1998-99 season before Tinsley arrived.
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    Re: enCYCLONEpedia: Expensive free throws

    Great article. I like the team break down of free throw percentage and how it compares to each team's points per possession. It gives you an idea of which teams you can afford to foul and which teams...
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    Re: Custer minutes

    I want to see Daniel given a chance, too, but if Nader keeps having games like he's done at West Virginia and vs. K-State, it's hard to sit him, and you can't sit McKay either. I have no doubt that...
  13. Thread: Nader

    by andymhallman

    Re: Nader

    After the South Carolina game, I was starting to become a Nader doubter and wondered why Edozie wasn't getting his minutes. Nader has shown great versatility and deserves the playing time he has...
  14. Re: enCYCLONEpedia: Iowa State vs. Kansas State preview

    Kirk, do you think teams will start to foul us a lot more since that has shown itself to be a weakness in our offense?

    If I were Bruce Weber, I would be tempted to do that tonight in a game where...
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    Re: Last 8 in Ames - K-State perspective ...

    McDermott's only win over a ranked team came against a top-five team on the road. How about that. I remember how shocking it was at the time, because we had been so bad for so long.
  16. Re: Kansas State: Contender or pretender in the Big 12?

    I was looking at team statistics and it's hard to find anything about Kansas State that pops out. They are first in "rebounding defense," meaning the rebounds they allow to opponents, but this seems...
  17. Re: Will Cyclone Free Throw Shooting Give Us a Heart Attack?

    I know having McKay in the lineup will mean our free throw percentage will go down, but it seems everyone else on the team has shot free throws worse since McKay arrived. Is it contagious?

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    Re: We have to win at AFH

    Oh yeah, I guess Oklahoma State has probably had the toughest schedule then through the first five games: Home against Kansas State and Texas, road games at Kansas, Iowa State and Oklahoma.
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    Re: Best Play of Last Night...

    The first 10 minutes of our game against UCONN in 2012 is the best Cyclone basketball I've ever seen.

    My favorite play was when Kansas double teamed Morris but didn't think to put a body on Hogue...
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    Re: We have to win at AFH

    Iowa State has arguably had the hardest schedule so far, having to play four games against teams currently ranked. No other team has had to do that. However, you could make a case Oklahoma has played...
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