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    Re: Trent Johnson #reprimanded

    from a distance it looks like he got slapped but the close up at 1:20 shows there was no contact at all, to be fair calls were just awful on both sides. This was supposed to be cleaned up last year,...
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    Re: Texas Christian @ #18 West Virginia

    that final call was brutal, Id say its up there with the isu-ku foul, guessing those officials wont be doing big 12 games for awhile.
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    Re: NFL 2015 - Bad Lip Reading

    the first cam newton part had me in tears laughing so hard. Loved the incoherent sentence.
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    Re: Rico Gaithers Threadů..

    It is a foul through and through, he often times doesnt get the rebound but opens a lane for his teammates not sure how you can push someone 3 or more feet under the hoop and there not be a foul...
  5. Re: *** Official #9 Kansas vs #11 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    what was with the ball in this game, seemed to have way to much air in both teams were struggling with keeping it under control. Even that dumb T Morris barely bounced it and it went above his head.
  6. Thread: Kansas fans. ha

    by mb7299

    Re: Kansas fans. ha

    I'll be the first to admit there was about 5 calls where we should have gotten calls against us where nothing was whistled. But on the other hand I saw about that many over the back calls not called...
  7. Re: *** Official #9 Kansas vs #11 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Is it to early to say I'm disappointed the student section? :pfrown:
  8. Re: *** Official #9 Kansas vs #11 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I predict we finally get over the 80 pt hump this game, breaking a 4 game streak? Have we even had that long of a streak the last 2 years scoring wise?
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    Re: The 1999-2000 is still the best MBB team ever

    Love watching those highlights especially with how we owned a KU team with some of the best players our state has produced, serves them right :)
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    Re: What ya gonna watch tonight?

    man does WV foul a lot, bumping, reaching, slapping, over the back I dont get how they dont get atleast 30 fouls called against them each game.
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    Re: What do you drive?

    I drive a 2005 prius but when I get enough money saved up Id love to get a Lexus Nx hybrid. Do love the look of the mini cooper countryman as well though.
  12. Re: GAMER (from afar): South Carolina beats ISU, 64-60

    Interesting that the tired legs line was brought up, I thought that numerous times 2 seasons ago and then we seemed unleashed in the final weeks of the season. The Maryland game I get because it was...
  13. Re: GAMER (from afar): South Carolina beats ISU, 64-60

    Take it youve never been in a gym that uses different types of air, amounts of it ect it can effect things in a major way, I didnt say it was an excuse I was asking if anyone that was there noticed a...
  14. Re: GAMER (from afar): South Carolina beats ISU, 64-60

    Is the environment different at the gym (air pressure ect) that seems so odd that we air balled shots so badly? I remember the UNI dome playing very different because of such issues, the ball just...
  15. Re: GAMER (from afar): South Carolina beats ISU, 64-60

    what I most wonder about is if we had Morris getting into the lane more often and looking for his own shot would that eventually start to get our shooters better looks at the hoop. I realize he wont...
  16. Re: *** Official South Carolina vs #9 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    we'll be ok, were to talented to lose this game. Looks like its just what the doctor ordered to prepare us for conference.
  17. Re: Here's a game stream (I think) for ISU-South Car

    Firstrow of recent has had a lot of pop up windows that ad blocker cant block for some reason, wiziwig is now off line but I did find this site to be useful of late: ...
  18. Thread: SDW

    by mb7299

    Re: SDW

    Not that SDW isnt worthy of playing at a high level program but its kind of telling how badly we missed with some of the other recruits in the beginning. Sledge is now at a DIII school-...
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    Re: Louisville v Kentucky

    I think they let UK get away with the KSU type of defense, its just about a foul every time down the court and then under the boards was brutal. If we could play a game against either team with a...
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    Re: Recruit Lists v2.0

    wonder what we go for, for the last two scholarships this upcoming season. Obviously Diallo would be a huge get but if we dont get him think we'd go for a juco big and maybe a guard transfer that...
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