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  1. Re: CONTEST: Who is the most knowledgeable Big 12 hoops fan on CF?

    Saturday, Jan 31st
    TT @ WVU
    TCU @ ISU
    KSU @ KU
    TU @ BU
    OU @ OSU

    Monday, Feb 2nd
    ISU @ KU
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    Re: $1,000 Super Bowl Contest by!

  3. Re: Koreans taste American snacks and comment on them

    I worked with Koreans for 2.5 years in Fort Dodge and we would go to Pizza Ranch in Manson or Culvers in Fort Dodge once a week. They loved the dessert pizza at Pizza Ranch and the Culver's Deluxe.
  4. Re: Win $1,000 on the ISU/KU game tomorrow night from

    86-83 Iowa State

    High Scorer 23
  5. Re: I'm happy to answer any and all questions related to real estate

    As far as commissioning fees:

    I believe Ankeny is 6% commission vs. 7% in Des Moines but not exactly sure. Of that 6% or 7% half goes to the seller's agent and the other half goes to the buyer's...
  6. Re: I'm happy to answer any and all questions related to real estate

    SCNCY - I'm in a similar position as you and I will share information I have received in the last few weeks that hopefully will assist you.

    1) PMI - Off the top of my head, I don't know what % of...
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    Re: Do we need a weather thread for this weekend?

    Gfs brings the heavy stuff right over DSM while Nam takes the heavy stuff further north than des Moines. Storm has been trending southward so I'd say that's better for us in des moines.
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    Re: Rant: Credit Scores

    740+ is what the lender looks at for best mortgage rates...doesn't matter if you are 830 or 741...same rate I believe.
  9. Re: *** Official Awesome ISU Gear You Got for Christmas Thread ***

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    Re: No Iowa vs Tx thread? Ok..

    My uncle is a big hok homer and the last two games has posted on facebook "your nationally ranked Hawkeye's take on..." I can't seem to find a number next to Iowa's name or find their game under top...
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    Re: New Basketball Court

    My guess is that when TV cameras shoot the crowd the likelihood of them shooting behind the baskets would involve the red concourse walls whereas TV cameras rarely pan out and show the crowds on the...
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    Re: Mortgage question

    If its concerning PMI you can pay it off up front as long as you put down 5% minimum... This is if you're planning to stay there awhile...average takes 9-10 years to pay PMI off. We will be paying...
  13. Re: Week 11 Pick'em - Chance to win a Kegorator!

    Notre Dame @ Arizona State (-2.5)
    Oregon (-9.5) @ Utah
    Ohio State @ Michigan State (-3.5)
    Alabama (-6.5) @ LSU
    West Virginia (-3.5) @ Texas
    Baylor @ Oklahoma (-5)
    Kanas State @ TCU (-5.5)...
  14. FS: Re: 2 Tickets ISU-Oklahoma - Section 20, Row 34, Seats 14 and 15 and G7 Parking

    I will be in Ames today until 5:00PM and then will be in Urbandale tonight if anyone is still interested.

    $100 for the pair with parking pass OBO
  15. FS: 2 Tickets ISU-Oklahoma - Section 20, Row 34, Seats 14 and 15 and G7 Parking

    Two (2) tickets to the Oklahoma Sooners at Iowa State Cyclones Football Game on 11/1/14.

    Tickets are in Section 20, Row 34, Seats 14 and 15 and a parking pass to G7 (directly East of football...
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    Re: Week 9 Pick'em - Chance to win a Kegorator

    BYU @ Boise State (-6.5)UBYI
    Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5) MICHIGAN STATE
    Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5) WASHINGTON
    Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU MISSISSIPPI
    West Virginia @ Oklahoma State...
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    Re: Financial Thread

    Any have a recommended Financial Planner or Advisor in the Ankeny or Urbandale area that they would recommend?

    What are they fee structures like for such services?

    Any information is...
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    Re: Win a Kegorator! WEEK 8 PICK'EM

    Notre Dame @ Florida State (-12)
    Texas A&M @ Alabama (-12)
    Baylor (-8.5) @ West Virginia
    Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-8)
    Oklahoma State @ TCU (-8.5)
    Iowa State @ Texas (-12.5)
    Tiebreaker is...
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    Re: Financial Thread

    I create a month-to-month spreadsheet of our income and necessity payments (Food, Transportation, Daycare, Student-Loans, etc.) and use that to figure what we have left after all these are accounted...
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    Re: Week 7 College FB Pick'em - Kegorator!

    Indiana @ Iowa (-3.5)
    Auburn (-3) @ Mississippi State
    West Virginia (-6) @ Texas Tech
    Texas vs. Oklahoma (-14.5)
    TCU @ Baylor (-8.5)
    Toledo @ Iowa State (-2.5)

    Tiebreaker: Total points in...
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  • Iowa State vs. TCU
  • January 31, 2015
  • 01:00 PM