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  1. Pair for KSU below cost- 80 for both 233 row 15

    EDIT: Im an idiot those are the seats I bought for WVU. I mixed up the 2 orders I placed on ticketmaster the day these went on sale it was really a triple.

    I will sell my season tickets in...
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    Re: Better times coming?

    Big 12 is down its possible with NO non conference losses. Impossible if there is a loss OOC of course.

    Middle of the league isn't scary. WVU was the 3rd best team in the Big 12 a year after...
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    Re: Better times coming?

    Team has a pretty good chance at winning a few Big 12 games.

    Problem will be not fing up the opener against a good 1AA team and the fact Hawks will put up a much better effort coming off a loss...
  4. Re: Why is Bigger Better?

    You want amateur kids playing 16 football games a year? Isn't that a little mean wanting one more game to not hurt the feelings of the 5th place team?

    The playoff worked in years past Oregon or...
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    Re: CBS Sports 2015 Draft Projection - Niang

    This is such a load of crap.

    Yeah dude everyone in the NBA is there because of measurables...noone makes it by being good enough. Every PF and C is 7' at least right its the NBA???

  6. Re: FS/FT Basketball Seasons 4 Working Automobile

    MVSU tix available for 40 bucks each btw.
  7. Re: FS/FT Basketball Seasons 4 Working Automobile

    Nah not quite that bad just stupidly chasing my Mary Samsonite. :(.

    Right now my life is a mixture of the scene when Harry falls asleep and Lloyd drives them back to the midwest (cause I gotta...
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    Re: CBS Sports 2015 Draft Projection - Niang

    Probably needs all 4 years for his body to go from fat->trim->jacked I think he's a better prospect a year from now even though most college basketball prospects are what they are as juniors. ...
  9. Re: FS/FT Basketball Seasons 4 Working Automobile

    I probably should just do that and buy a car. But no.

    Just going to spend a lot of money on rental cars I have to come back to Des Moines not quite once a week but close and the bus isn't cheap.
  10. Re: FS/FT Basketball Seasons 4 Working Automobile

    What kind of car are you offering?

    I'll be more serious though for a minute buying cheap cars isn't what it used to be. And its not that easy to sell something that isn't relatively new and low...
  11. Re: FS/FT Basketball Seasons 4 Working Automobile

    Not sure if there's a deal to be made for the seasons and KU/weekend games but there might be a deal to be made....

    Serious offers will get serious responses!
  12. Re: FS/FT Basketball Seasons 4 Working Automobile

    My circumstances are pretty similar to Harry and Lloyd's.
  13. FS/FT Basketball Seasons 4 Working Automobile

    Looking to trade 2 season tickets to the rest of the games this season for a working car. Seats in 201 row 14.

    You don't necessarily have to give or sell me the car. Am open to trading the...
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    Re: Is MVSU game sold out?

    Anyone who wants to go can PM me and let me know how many you need.

    I have some extras in the upper rows of the baseline uppers that is normally the student section 40 bucks each no whining on...
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    Re: UNLV beats Arizona...

    Even if you are right and ISU was a perfect fit for the kid and he plays great in Ames he probably leaves after 1 season and if thats the case basicallly the long and short of it is you get exactly...
  16. WTB: Re: 2 to 6 Tickets to the Miss. Valley St. vs ISU game

    Sent PM
  17. Re: Another Article on Possible Big XII Expansion

    People here are crazy. Very short sighted.

    Big 12 should pluck the 2 best schools from the 2 conferences closest to it just below it. Weaken them and widen the gap.

    SD State takes the So...
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    Re: Tom Herman

    Tulsa and Houston are geographically in the Big 12 foot print. Tough to lose Montgomery and Herman to two programs who recruit the exact same players a lower level Big 12 school like ISU would. And...
  19. Re: Jeff Long just admitted it was all about $$$

    The Big 12 has itself to blame for thinking no conference championship game was a good idea and that LVille wasn't good enough. Baylor and TCU stole votes from each other. Baylor would have been...
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    Re: Cincinnati and Memphis to the Big 12?

    If Baylor scheduled a good ranked team out of conference they get in and the Big 12 looks stronger. Them not beating another BCS school killed the Big 12. Both Baylor and TCU's toughest games were...
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  • Iowa State vs. TCU
  • January 31, 2015
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