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    Re: Best Post Player of Fennelly Era?

    Would have loved to see Lynn Lorenzen develop under BFs tutelage.
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    Re: Best Post Player of Fennelly Era?

    Britney took awhile to come on and had the most post-graduate success (pun intended). Welle was a game-changer for ISU from the day she sipped on campus. I love Pop and would put her second, but...
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    Re: Senior Aces 2015- 3 Cyclones

    Wonder if she just put off taking the ACT or SAT too long.
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    Re: Around the Big 12

    Who made this year's conference schedule. After our 7th conference game today we will have played all of four teams. We will be done with TCU, KSU, and UT. We'll also only have one game left to...
  5. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies hot from deep. Lock down KSU in road win

    Maybe the girls need to go over to the other side of the Sukup and teach the guys how to shoot free throws:spinny:
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    Re: Around the Big 12

    K-State will not be a slam dunk down there. They play a defense that could cause problems. If we are not hitting shots and valuing the ball against the zone, it could be worse than TCU.
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    Re: Sherron Dorsey-Walker to Oakland

    California is in Missouri:
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    Re: 133 Pound Southern Scuffle Champion

    Nice to see one of the lighter weights step up.
  9. Re: Michael Porter Tolton Catholic - Columbia, MO Class of 2017

    Since his mom is Robin Pingeton's sister, there are ties to the state of Iowa there. Wonder why he and his brother are at the parochial school. His sisters have been studette's for Columbia Rock...
  10. Re: *** Official Awesome ISU Gear You Got for Christmas Thread ***

    I already have one that looks exactly like that thanks to a co-worker for the ball and a nephew living in Ames getting Fred to sign. What I asked for Christmas was the display cube like you have. ...
  11. Re: Fernstrom Freshmen Player of the week again

    Sounds like a female version of Monte in the making.
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    Re: BIG 12 continues to distance itself...

    Overall record doesn't mean squat, especially the cupcakes that get scheduled. The real test I'd head-to-head between conferences. I may have missed a couple of games, but I have the Big 12 at...
  13. Re: *** Official Drake vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Media com better avoid that commercial about how sad DSL is today:mad:
  14. Re: *** Official Drake vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Interesting Reed Timmer chasing Cyclones indoors today:spinny:
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    Re: VB Semifinals - Texas VB Hosed

    That could be a concern w/CJL long term tenure at ISU. If a Wisconsin or Nebraska should open up, it could be an excellent opportunity to be the first female coach to win a National championship. ...
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    Re: ISU v. Iowa WBB

    Brynn's supposed to be a senior leader, but right now she has a deer-in-the-headlights look.
  17. Re: Jeff Long just admitted it was all about $$$

    That and going undefeated, just might get us into the playoffs! :v_SPIN:
  18. Re: ***Iowa State at (9) Illinois - 7:00 pm CT***

    And it's farewell Tori and Taylor, see the rest of them for spring ball and the new gals next fall.

    Will they stick with the 6-2 or will Bowman be good enough to step right in as THE setter?
  19. Re: ***Iowa State at (9) Illinois - 7:00 pm CT***

    When the former WAMAC conference players changed: Bigbee went out for us and Stark went into serve for them we fell apart.
  20. Re: Volleyball: Watch #25 WKU vs ISU Free online

    What would you expect at a basketball school. Probably only Topeka diehards who didn't have tickets for the BB game and no cable.
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  • Iowa State vs. TCU
  • January 31, 2015
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