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  1. Re: Interesting fact about the OSU-Baylor ESPN broadcast crew

    That's good stuff. Never understood why people around here don't like him. Maybe they will change their tune when they find out he was the first man on the moon.
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    Re: How did you choose your username?

    Man, I hated that avatar. Almost as much as Cyber's ugly baby.

    Mine is just a state of mind man... Was my user on CR when it was a free site and it had state in the name.
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    Re: Last Place Free Throw Defense

    I would think having just the left or the right get up, the other side sit down. Throw off the balance in their mind.
    Another would be to be as quiet as a home team FT, maybe get a a few hecklers...
  4. Re: Need 1 ticket for KU Allen Field House

    I've been to the Phog once or twice, during the 5-game winning stretch. They are fine. Kind of reminds me of the Kentucky game I went to last year. Most think they won't get a game from the visitors...
  5. Re: *** Official Texas vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    We just scored 89 and shot 54% against the nation's 2nd best defending team. People just can't fathom the luck involved in their 26 point run with 3:12 left in the game. BTW, we were up by 16 at that...
  6. Re: CONTEST: Who is the most knowledgeable Big 12 hoops fan on CF?

    Saturday, Jan 31st
    TT @ WVU
    TCU @ ISU
    KSU @ KU
    TU @ BU
    OU @ OSU

    Monday, Feb 2nd
    ISU @ KU
  7. Re: *** Postgame IOWA STATE vs Texas Tech Game(day) Thread ***

    You said 5% chance, I said I have serious doubts. Not sure we're saying anything much different...
  8. Re: *** Postgame IOWA STATE vs Texas Tech Game(day) Thread ***

    What are the numbers in the lotto? If it makes you feel better to write it off and be surprised, that's your choice. I never give up, and I see that this team won't either.
  9. NFL Network showing super bowls in 30 minute shows

    This is pretty cool. Just finished watching my Cowboys and Steelers in Super Bowl X. Since I was only 7 I didn't remember how this game was played. So cool watching Staubach and Bradshaw in a...
  10. Re: *** Postgame IOWA STATE vs Texas Tech Game(day) Thread ***

    I'm not overly worried about the season as a whole, but I have serious doubts to win the conference unless our conference mates step up to KU. That being said I think some interesting stats were:
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    Michigan vs Wisconsin going to OT!

    Surprised I couldn't find a thread for this game.
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    Re: Hoiberg Overlook Tech? started yet?

    I'm sure a lot of you drama queens need this. :jimlad:
  13. Re: Finishing a Basement: Any Extras I should add now?

    I just went back to review things I bought from Amazon for my basement:
    Not sure where I bought the wire to...
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    Re: More Players Out the Door

    Yes, it was.
  15. Re: Article: Why You Should Root for Iowa State

    You're that picky Velo and you didn't mind that he stated McKay not being eligible until January? You're slipping... :wink:
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    Re: DirecTV and 4K tvs

    That might not work out so well for you for certain programs. :wink:

    Since CFers know everything. Is 240 Hz worth the extra expense on a 70" tv?
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    Re: DirecTV and 4K tvs

    I hope not. If you see the level of quality of the video at TV stores in 4K you will be in awe...
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    Re: DirecTV and 4K tvs

    Thanks for the input. I have to say that the 4K video they have running on those tvs are stunning. Guess I'll go with a 70" 1080p per my original plan. Thanks!
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    DirecTV and 4K tvs

    Does anybody have DirecTV and a 4K TV? Did you have to buy a Samsung TV and have a professional come out to set it up? I'm looking to buy one of these guys, but only if I can watch things like the...
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    Re: enCYCLONEpedia: Expensive free throws

    FTs will cause everybody to sweat, but as this article points out, we aren't any worse than the average. We all just assume that because our team shoots around 50% from the field why can't they hit a...
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  • Iowa State vs. TCU
  • January 31, 2015
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