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  1. Re: Old Timers: I found something that might jog your memory

    The kHawks played then 2nd game after ISU v Miami (OH). After we won, kHawk fan complained as we were leaving, that they had cheered for us & wanted us to cheer for them... Yeah right, NFW

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    Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: Enjoy the ride

    The timing of SDW's departure & Burton's arrival, coincidence or not? I have no idea but seems like they are. Did Fred ask SDW to leave? Merry Christmas Cyclones!
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    Re: Wisconsin coach Gary Andersen to Oregon State

    Like every coach that leaves, I bet CPR would win a few more games in Wisky.. Haters gonna hate...

  4. Re: ISU-Iowa Denver - Airport area Sports Bar Recommendations.

    If you like good beer, New Belgium has a bar in one of the terminals... Could be B but not sure
  5. Thread: Yes or No?

    by MrPeske

    Re: Yes or No?

    Only if our lines improves, without good lines we cant be good.. I guess we are like coke...
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    Re: Pollard backs Rhoads

    Hey all you true fans who wont support CPR go join Capt Kirk in Iowa Chity... late....

    Who do you think wants to come lose here? We have a loyal gentleman who runs a pretty tight ship. We have...
  7. Thread: Alton Meeks

    by MrPeske

    Re: Alton Meeks

    How many long runs against us for TDs? Many since Miller went down. These runs are a product of our LBs being out of position and there is no fix for this. They are learning on the field and we...
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    Re: Freds Quote " Not playing for each other"

    My buddy named his kid, Tinsley Wright... dude was $$ but he did lose at Drake. I was there I think it was his first game as a Clone, possibly 2nd semester guy.... Cant really remember but he is one...
  9. Re: *** Official Alabama vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I was ready to put him down for 3... dude is awesome, no hate here
  10. Re: *** Official Alabama vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Man Man has zero points though... he needs a few
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    Re: The blood is in the water

    So who was the last coach w success here? Most of our ex coaches do better after they leave as the deck isn't stacked against them so much.

    Rhodes stating ladder climbers will do better... Nice...
  12. Re: Lost our most recent OL JUCO recruit to Texas...

    I heard dude was a lifelong wHorns fan, so it worked for him.. Makes we wonder if Coach Strong is stepping on us while we are down. Doesnt seem like he'd do that, but it does seem sort of wHornish.
  13. Re: I know Im in minority However Rhoads is my guy no matter what.

    How long do these HoF coaches stay? I'd say as long a the Chiz, they have no reason to stay except for the $$ and other schools can pay them more. So where doesus. I've attended fball games for ~...
  14. Re: I know Im in minority However Rhoads is my guy no matter what.

    Which 6 games, sounds simple what teams? TCU, WV heck no we are a bottom 3 or 4 team for ever
  15. Re: PODCAST: Hoiberg, Niang & Hogue join me from KC

    CFH has spoke about Georges playing the 3 with Dustin playing the 4 & McKay the 5. Would Georges guard the 3 or do you think Hogue would? I know GN firmed himself up but I sort doubt his lateral...
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    Re: The restaurant Lucca in Des Moines

    I'm just wondering how the Spaghetti Works/Market has stayed open so long (very lame). Lifelong DSMer here... Lots of good Italian places to choose from, pick one that is convenient. I like...
  17. Re: Brock Dagel to miss the remainder of the season

    So who is Gannon's backup? Will there be a Big Dawg sighting?
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    Re: Mexico Vacation Advice

    decent snorkeling in Akumal, you can see sea turtle snorkeling from shore and avoid taking a tourist boat. We usually stay there then day trip to Playa & Tulum. Tulum is awesome if you are into...
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    Re: Levi Peters Out for the Season

    He gets some of his incredible energy/spit from his sweet & hot Mom.... She bought him the start n stripes blazer for the spirit walk. Its sad for the team and for her family.... Dude will rebound...
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    Re: Is it fair that ISU is on this list?

    We should be listed as a top 10 Toughest to Win and we should schedule these other schools to play instead of Toledo and the other non conference teams we play, who do we play after our series with...
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