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    Re: Better than I expected

    It's not just today. Every game he makes ton of them. For one why the hell does he keep trying throw a fade to 5ft nothing Jarvis West when he could throw a ball up in to one of our 6ft 5 WR and...
  2. Re: Breaking down the potential UAB transfers (ISU mention)

    Grab their Center and the entire D -line. Just say hey, you guys want to play together still. Come to ISU and just put on a diff uniform. This is a break PR needed and needs to capitalize on it.
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    Re: Tulsa / Bill Blankenship

    He also ran out of the previous coaches players and things went down hill.
  4. There are SOOOOO many times Sam could scramble at least 5 yards w/o getting touched

    but instead he throws a pass into very tight coverage that 9 times out of 10 ends up being incomplete. If he would just take those 5 yards and lay down instead it wouldn't put the offense in such a...
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    Re: Replacing Kane

    I thought the OP was spot on with this part of his post about Morris. Him not being as good about creating his own shot or driving to the hoop I think will come back to bite us several times this...
  6. Re: I wonder if CPR could have reversed his decisions to kick off Coe & Irving

    We sure as hell better have a lot of honor up in Ames cause we sure aren't getting any victories.
  7. Re: I wonder if CPR could have reversed his decisions to kick off Coe & Irving

    So did Jamis Winston but FSU didn't kick him off.
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    Re: Decision time for CPR

    i agree with you. What I cant get passed is how we get pushed around by everyone. That includes UNI and NDSU. We always look like the weaker team. Why is that?
  9. Re: Jim McElwain needs to be at the top of the coaching wish list

    I want CPR to succeed. I love his passion as a coach and would have loved to play for someone like that. But his recruiting is not up to par and next year the stands are going to be very empty if he...
  10. Jim McElwain needs to be at the top of the coaching wish list

    Currently 10-1 at CSU. He will probably get plucked from CSU soon but I believe he would have the ability to take us to better places. No more coordinators. Get someone that knows what the hell...
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    Re: Need Thumbs Down Option

    I'd give your post a thumbs down.
  12. Does anyone have the website for the guy that sells ISU stuff

    from Baxter Iowa. My running Cy has a broken leg and I need to replace it along with get some new ISU stuff.
  13. Re: Would ASU's defensive philosophy work for ISU?

    I've always loved watching his offense at Tulsa ans Pitt before now. Todd Grahm gets it though. He has forward thinking in his offense and defense. You have to do something different.
    Sometime I...
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    Re: So Where Are We At and What Will We Do

    If Wally leaves what kind of a DC are you gonna get to work for a coach that may ne fired next year.
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    Re: Who's on the list?

    Greg Schiano is available. What he did at Rutgers was a miricle.
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    Re: If you could ask CPR a question

    Why does your team always look bad when
    1) you play an FCS team and have all summer to plan for it and have every advantage over them.
    2) After bye weeks when you have lots of time to prep come...
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    Re: Who's on the list?

    Chizik was unproven head coach. All the other canidates were GREAT head coaches.
    Just think how bad JP is at making coaching hires when he hires the worst of the 4.
    Several of us were begging...
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    Re: Who's on the list?

    Pollard doesnt know how to hire a coach. He got lucky with Fred since he was the only one that wanted that job at the time.
    Art Briles, Brian Kelly, and Harbaugh all wanted the job and JP freaking...
  19. Thread: The defense

    by BigCojones

    Re: The defense

    You gotta love when Wally gives 10 yard cushions on 3rd and short. He lost my confidence last year.
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    Fire all the coaches 14.0

    There are so many things wrong with this team and the coaching jobs Its depressing. Paul Rhoads and Wally B should return their paychecks for stealing. Ive had enough of watching this horrible and...
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