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  1. Thread: Cheick Diallo

    by theyork

    Re: Cheick Diallo

    this indicates that you do care, even if it is a the tiniest of little bits. couldn't care less is probably more appropriate for what you really mean.

    then again, i capitalize nothing. so...
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    I still have a lot of fiath in CPR and staff

    yes we got pummeled today. make no mistake about it, we got our A$$E$ handed to us. I don't think firing CPR is going to do this program any favors though. we have and an unusually awful season in...
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    Re: Niang transformation

    just looking at him, he may actually be heavier now than he was before. looks like he replaced fat with muscle rather than just losing fat. wonder what the weight comparison would be in those two...
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    Re: The state of College Football

    what i don't get is why they just don't charge more per commercial. instead of having 45minutes of commercial time for 3 million dollars, why not cut out the slotted "tv timeouts" reduce commercial...
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    Re: The state of College Football

    if im not mistaken, tv has already changed the rules of both college and pro football. a few years ago, they felt the need to speed up the games a bit. instead of reducing ad time, they initiated...
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    Re: Friday OT #2 - Qualify your crazy

    i have made metal reliquary boxes for my toenail collection, various mustaches, a cockroach, a sea sponge from miami and a number of other small items. each box generally takes well over 100hrs to...
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    Re: What Would You Rename VEISHEA?

    riot week.
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    Re: best hand soap for grease?

    interesting. dude i work with gets cracked skin in a terrible way in the winter (I don't). hadn't thought about lotion with cleaner before. makes a ton of sense, at least during dry season(s).
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    best hand soap for grease?

    what do the rest of you grease jockeys use? we have been using lava bar soap simply because it is cheap but i would like to get something better for a still reasonable price. i thought gojo worked...
  10. Re: Friday OT - Bands ruined for you by oversaturation

    here is how i avoid the radio.

    START with pandora. the reason is say START is because although is is more diverse than the radio, it will repeat itself just like the radio. I use pandora as a...
  11. Re: Friday OT - Bands ruined for you by oversaturation

    your problem is in bold. radio music is designed to be just that, radio music. they radio will never play anything outside of a few songs from any given album. they likely don't have the rights to...
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    Re: Lost Letterman is a fan of the whirly bird...

    this is the best logo ever. too bad we sucked so bad during its tenure. perhaps we would still have the dopest logo in the big 12
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    Re: 16 Random Thoughts

    what about the entire student section doing "the flop" pregame for marcus smart? classic. made espn front page with a headline that made no sense considering we won.
  14. Re: Animation of DeAndre Kane starting a fast break

    better yet, smarts double flop sans kane. makes it look even dumber no doubt.
  15. Re: why don't recruiting services count transfers?

    they don't even need to scout them in person, transfers can be seen on television nearly every day of the week. plus, most would have already been scouted as high schoolers, scouts have much more...
  16. Re: why don't recruiting services count transfers?

    only slightly different than a juco transfer though. one would think a juco would have a leg up on a hs kid, but that is often not the case as jucos take a bit to develop (generally).

    juco's can...
  17. why don't recruiting services count transfers?

    jucos for some reason are noted in a recruiting class, but a second year transfer is not?

    transfers are just nonexistent in rankings. not necessarily a concern for rankings but it would be nice...
  18. Re: 2014-15 Season: Who Big 12 teams are losing, returning, and adding

    will he even go in the first round? i have been very underwhelmed by him the past two seasons. i know you can't teach height, but with that height he isn't particularly intimidating with his boney...
  19. Re: Offensive 3 deep looking VERY good...QB is the only real question mark.

    bundrage and wimberly were our only big play threats last season. i won't be critical of those two for much of anything.
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    Re: I just noticed the bottom ticker....

    i want the bottom ticker to count down the days until football season is over (for isu). wa wa waaa.

    seriously though, it is going to be tough to stomach watching 80 teams play in bowl games...
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