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    Re: Drake in the Final Four

    Even Furman has been to a final four more recently than us. (it's strange for me to reverse those two in terms of using the word "us" ... but I've always been an Iowa State fan) I think that things...
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    Re: Need a new Netflix show

    Miami Vice first two seasons
  3. Re: What a Final four would mean for this fan...

    35 years from now The Mayor will probably still look 45 years old and will be sitting by the court at Hilton going for his 20th national championship...
  4. Re: *** Official Drake vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    How does McKay look?
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    Re: Undefeated Teams

    The crazy thing is that there are 8 Big 12 teams getting votes this week. It is going to be a rough year for everyone in the conference.
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    Re: McKay Expectations

    Adding another top player to an already amazing team that has had but one bad night can be nothing but positive. If we were in the SEC I would say that we could go through the entire season with...
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    Re: Top 25+1

    I like being seemingly under ranked. It is good for motivation. I do think that if we play Maryland again it will be a vastly different outcome a la WVU last season...
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    Re: Our Shooting

    Well, layups and dunks ARE high percentage shots...
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    Re: Did we trail at all last night?

    Well, they had a half of football and a few seconds of basketball to be happy overconfident whiners. I actually like Iowa generally but some of their fans are just sad folks...
  10. Re: Hawkeye Nation thread outraged BTN is replaying the game

    Poor Hawk fans. They were so confident going into the game.
  11. Re: ***Official #14 IOWA STATE @ Iowa Game(day) Thread***

    Why are there any starters playing?
  12. Re: ***Official #14 IOWA STATE @ Iowa Game(day) Thread***

    Shooting way too early in the shot clock... unless they are shooting for triple figures or something... just get the win and leave!
  13. Re: ***Official #14 IOWA STATE @ Iowa Game(day) Thread***

    Come on Cyclones! Don't let them back in this!
  14. Re: ***Official #14 IOWA STATE @ Iowa Game(day) Thread***

    I won't be comfortable until the lead is 30.
  15. Re: ***Official #14 IOWA STATE @ Iowa Game(day) Thread***

    Niang is ice cold. If he wakes up we can pull this off...
  16. Re: ***Official #14 IOWA STATE @ Iowa Game(day) Thread***

    Clearly Iowa is getting all of the close calls. Doesn't matter if you're shooting as well as ISU. Keep up the pressure!
  17. Re: Is this game really only on B1G Network?

    Anyone have a link?
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    Re: Dejean Jones

    I once called the cops on my neighbors in a highrise who were smoking weed. The smoke was blowing into my place through the vents... The cops came and acknowledged that there was pot inside but said...
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    Re: BDJ - 1 Game Suspension (against Iowa)

    I think that we will need everything we have to win this game. Like in football, you can throw expectations out of the window. Game on. Let's go take this win Cyclones!
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    Re: BDJ - 1 Game Suspension (against Iowa)

    Well, this is a good chance for guys to step up and the team to come together.
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