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    Re: Mangino to Pitt?

    Ahem... I called this about a week or so ago:

    Where's my cookie?
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    Re: How About Paul Rhoads to Pitt...?

    More likely Mangino to Pitt.
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    Re: This is on Bowlsby

    Relax. The only thing keeping the BigXII from having a conference championship is NCAA rules claiming you must have at least 12 teams.

    Would like to see Bowlsby tell the NCAA to stick it and...
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    Re: 2015 how to sell hope

    In politics, you sell hope by lying. A LOT. And hoping when the truth comes out it's too late. Kind of like after a coach signs a long term contract.

    I have no hope for next season. Especially...
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    Re: Taking a Knee...

    I'm sorry, but mercy is for the weak, and I've never seen that much mercy given in an FBS game.


    Adding insult to injury, it was on national TV. And yes, it was more humiliating than if...
  6. Re: Whether we like it or not, Rhoads will be back, so let's talk ourselves into 2015

    This. We are the team everyone we play against marks down as a "w". The only favorable schedule is the one where we don't play anyone (i.e. Iowa).
  7. Re: Ray Rice Reinstated, Immediately Eligible to Play.

    Laughing at several of the comments here. A man does a bad thing outside of his job and therefore he should lose his job permanently.

    Good thing we don't apply that logic to regular old joes like...
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    Re: ***Official ISU vs. TT Gameday Thread***

    He must be in someone's dog house to get us that many times.

    I feel sorry for John Walters for having to do the radio for us. That's gotta be mind numbing.
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    Re: The Formula to Win at Iowa State

    We should just do exactly what K State does. That school sucks, but their model works.
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    Re: A Thread About Actual Coach Candidates

    I'll take Bo Pelini when Nebraska fires him. We need a guy who doesn't give a rip about perception, wants to win, and will or he'll give you that stink face no one wants to see.
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    Re: ISU a 3 point favorite over Texas Tech

    Coming off a bye week and given the state of things. My belief in anything special happening has bottomed out.

    Tech by 20.
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    Re: The "short list" that wasn't (short)

    I remember Coach Mac would always talk up the other team as if he was preparing the fan base for a let down so after the game he could say, "Well, I did say they were a great team".
  13. Re: Lost our most recent OL JUCO recruit to Texas...

    Honestly, at this point in time if given the choice to play at ISU or play for UNI or N Dakota St... I'm going to those schools with a shot at playing for a championship. And not just a conference...
  14. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: If Rhoads has future, he needs public backing from AD

    Remember who you are dealing with there. Don't follow the rabbit down the hole.
  15. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: If Rhoads has future, he needs public backing from AD

    Let's say CPR is fired at the end of the season. A new coach comes in, brings in his own staff, and we finish the next season with 2, maybe 3 wins? Recruiting takes a nose dive immediately after...
  16. Re: ***Official Iowa State vs Kansas Gameday Thread***

    Defeatist attitude, I know, but I have no expectations of a win today. However, it would be nice to finish the season as not the worst team in the conference.

    My belief in our ability to win...
  17. Re: Football: Hungry for expert, insider analysis

    Did he point out that Luke Knott was being held something fierce and there was no call?
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    Poll: Re: Would you fire Paul Rhoads?

    No, I think as far as FB goes JP understands this process will take some time and right now BB is helping buy that time. I think CPR brings in a new DC (Wally will retire) after this season and we...
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    Poll: Re: Would you fire Paul Rhoads?

    If coaching stability is critical with your perennial top 25 teams then it is even more important with teams like ISU. I think we really need to understand WHO we are, and having a tenured HC with a...
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    Re: Suspect Play Calling

    On the play calls that were good our players didn't execute. Or their % of execution on plays was atrocious since there were a few plays that did have favorable results.

    Thing is, difficult to...
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