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    Re: Seth Greenberg: Monte Morris #1 PG

    Given that both his three-point and free-throw percentages are down, I'd guess the main culprit is fatigue. I'd be okay with Naz running the point and Thomas or BDJ being the shooting guard while...
  2. Re: Preview: McKay's time has finally arrived

    People have talked about the possibility McKay will try to do too much in these early games, and I think that's pretty likely myself. I'm glad he's coming back against a terrible opponent, so Fred...
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    Re: Seth Greenberg: Monte Morris #1 PG

    To be fair, did he really say Monte doesn't play defense? I heard him say "Iowa State doesn't play defense yet," which, if you watched our game against a bad Southern team, isn't too far from the...
  4. Re: Powerhouses Beware In Big 12 (ISU best offense in Big 12)

    I think it is a bad rule. The rule should be that nothing counts after the screw-up, and that the score simply revert back to when the screw-up occurred, just like in that volleyball match you...
  5. Re: Powerhouses Beware In Big 12 (ISU best offense in Big 12)

    I agree with twocoach that the referees interpreted the rule properly by awarding Kansas the three pointer and giving ISU the ball after Homan's second free throw. That wasn't the problem. The...
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    Re: SDW is transferring

    I figured this would happen when we had 25-point leads in our recent games and he still never saw the floor. Plus, the writing was on the wall as soon as we saw Custer get in the game against...
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    Re: "In the Game", or "Back in the Game"

    The biggest lead I can remember us blowing off the top of my head is 12 points, and that was in the second half at Kansas in 2012. We also gave up a late 10-point lead at Oklahoma State in Fred's...
  8. Re: When up 20 late in 2nd half, should the cyclones consider slowing down on offense

    I agree with your assessment. In the Iowa game, we almost let them back into the game by taking quick shots. In particular, I thought Matt Thomas was guilty of that more than anyone, and his threes...
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    Re: Free Throws

    I agree this is huge and was the only reason we beat Southern on Sunday. Bryce and Georges are near 90 percent, and the rest of the team is above 70 percent with the exception of Hogue (whose stroke...
  10. Thread: Well Done

    by andymhallman

    Re: Well Done

    Thanks for coming on here Jon and being a good sport. It's clear that Iowa has a litany of good players, starting with Aaron White. Uthoff's ability to hit threes and Olaseni's defense are...
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    Poll: Re: Who Starts?

    I worry more about what Matt Thomas does for us on the defensive end. He's still a liability on that end of the floor. Iowa is just going to kill us on the boards when we put out a three-guard lineup...
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    Re: BDJ - 1 Game Suspension (against Iowa)

    I bet Edozie will start, too. I think we still have a chance to win, but our chances took a huge hit with this suspension.
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    Re: Charges Dismissed

    Please Fred, just suspend him for the game against Southern!
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    Re: Iowa vs. ISU predictions

    I think this year's Iowa team is better than K-State, Baylor and maybe even Texas were last year. I worry about us being able to stop Aaron White. I don't think Hogue or BDJ are big enough to do the...
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    Re: Iowa vs. ISU predictions

    We are about as good as we were last year, and Iowa is better than several of the teams we lost to on the road. That's why I'd have to favor Iowa in this game. Teams just don't shoot as well away...
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    Poll: Re: When McKay comes in....who's out?

    I predict McKay comes off the bench for at least the first three games he plays, because the other guys are just too valuable. We've seen Thomas and Nader play four games this year, and they are both...
  17. Re: BLOG: BDJ buys in, Custer's development & more

    I had the same thought about Edozie drawing a lot of fouls, although I didn't realize it was quite that many. I'd really like us to play Niang, Hogue and Edozie on the floor at the same time when...
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    Re: Arkansas Predictions

    I'd like to see Fred go with a three forward lineup to start the game instead of a three guard lineup, and here I'm thinking about Niang-Hogue-Edozie–DeJean Jones–Morris. Ask Niang and Hogue to score...
  19. Re: *** Official Lamar vs #20 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    The two guys I'll be watching closely this game are Abdel Nader and Daniel Edozie. We need Nader to develop into a contributor if we're going to contend with Kansas and Texas in the Big XII. Edozie...
  20. Re: *** Official Oakland vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I agree. It seemed so out of step for Iowa State basketball, particularly the fact that some of those looked like they were fade-aways, which the Cyclones have pretty much eliminated from their...
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