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  1. Re: CHRISTMAS PODCAST/MAILBAG: Ask questions here

    If Santa could put any conference road win he wants in his stocking, does Fred want Kansas or Texas?
  2. Re: CHRISTMAS PODCAST/MAILBAG: Ask questions here

    This may not be appropriate as it is kind of personal about a player, but curious if GT (the Greek, I know I can't spell the real name) gets to go home for Christmas or if the family will come here? ...
  3. Re: INSTANT REACTION: Cyclones rout Drake; Burton commits (video)

    I thought the bow tie was cute but I am an old lady.
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    Re: Iowa vs UNI

    ^ That just seems like a lot of education at the Harvard of Johnson County.
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    Re: Iowa vs UNI


    1. How is Jess Settles such a major boob? Didn't he play basketball for Iowa during about an 8 year span?

    2. Aaron White was just violently flinging around at the end hoping to...
  6. Re: *** Official Drake vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I thought the starting five would be McKay, McCoy, McKat, McKitty, and McCoiberg.

    Edozie will get good minutes all year. Will always be teams with more bigs, we will always gets lots of fouls in...
  7. Re: *** Official Drake vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Think Georges can find the Iowa fans in the crowd to blow them another kiss?
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    Re: Mockingjay, Part One

    Yea, husband drug me to this, he has read the books, I have not. I find her VERY whiny and she didn't bother me at all in the first two movies.
  9. Re: *** Official Drake vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

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    Re: Christmas Eve Snowstorm 2014

    I hate the snow. Christmas Eve, no matter where it is, someone will be traveling. It's dangerous.
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    Re: Moving to Des Moines

    If you want small, I would investigate Carlisle. They have a spanking new Fareway to make it more attractive.

    We lived in WDM and loved it for years, but moved in part because of the whole goofy...
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    Re: "It's so easy"

    If the seven footer was Woody, yea, I can see Stockton doing it, even now at his age.
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    Re: "It's so easy"

    When I think classic point guards, I think John Stockton. He reminds me a bit of him, especially passing. Stockton got more steals but I don't remember him blocking many shots, as Monte is doing.
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    Re: Sons of Anarchy

    ^You need to watch second to last episode to see evil witch die.

    I was fine with this season of the show. Just don't watch Anarchy After or whatever that show is called, cause Sutter is just...
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    Re: I think Morris might be a God...

    I think he had more blocks than Lurch Dinglebutt Friday night.
  16. Re: Sportscenters coverage of college basketball is terrible

    ESPN sucks. Wish CF could cover all of college basketball, maybe if they hire an extra intern?

    First Take used to basically report every time Tim Tebow took a pee.
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    Re: Niang Blows Kiss to Hawkeye Student Section

    This is true. If Georges had been grabbing his junk while leering over the cheerleaders like Releford, I guess that would be KU classy.
  18. Re: Niang kiss tops off chippy game between rivals

    In watching the video in this article, kind of curious. Does it look like to anyone else that Jok is actually running away from defending Niang? Did he have a trailer he was going to defend or just...
  19. Einstein of College Basketball Coaches Us

    Randy Pete finally put something great in an article, but it was a Georges quote of course. "We have the Einstein of college basketball coaching us." I love Georges.
  20. Re: Hawkeye Nation thread outraged BTN is replaying the game

    Just the name is hilarious.
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