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    Re: Joke of the day

    I enjoyed seeing hawk fans discuss graduation rates and pretending those meant more to the fans than winning the game. Cute and grasping I tell ya
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    Re: Deonte Burton

    Saw that tweet but didn't put it together TIL you posted. Get to know your future teammates
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    Re: wvu- uconn game thread

    huggins is one of those coaches that seems to be against the grain from the majority of coaches across all sports. He is a character and he makes the game great
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    Re: Is Dave Rice on the hot seat?

    I like to give credit to our student section during vaughns visit with the " we want dejean" chant to let him know who we would rather have. at least thats what it sounded like from the nosebleeds
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    Re: Georgia State

    Just one, I believe the second offense was driving with a suspended license.

    The way I see it, is that if Fran wants to run that loose of a ship, then let him. It will never benefit him or the...
  6. Re: New Guy (Officially) in Dallas has a few ticket questions

    From 1907 to 1928, the Cyclones played in the Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Association,[3] managing a few winning records in-conference but no championships.[3] In 1929, the Cyclones...
  7. Re: need some serious help: wife birthday edition

    Forgot to mention for my 30th she got me cyclone basketball season tickets
  8. Re: need some serious help: wife birthday edition

    the thing is, she threw me a surprise party 2 years ago for mine so i feel like i should do something above the typical dinner and a movie. right now i am working between 70-80 hours so planning has...
  9. need some serious help: wife birthday edition

    The wife is turning 30 on tuesday and there is a problem : I am one of the least romantic and also terrible event planner in the world. I am trying to rack my brain coming up with date ideas and...
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    Re: Connor Frankamp transferring

    We should see if Fennelly will let Brynn play for the men's team also based on this
  11. Re: NBC Sports article on top 20 wing players this year

    I have always enjoyed watching Aaron white play. He is decently talented but seems to work his butt off, so that I respect that about him
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    Re: Tickets Arrived Yet?

    Glad all the riff raff are all the way over there. 228 checking in
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    Re: Tickets Arrived Yet?

    Coming home after a long day and seeing that envelope on my kitchen island put a big smile on my face
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    Re: More gasoline for the Hype train

    Always nice to see the Hawks get a little exposure also....
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    Re: Tickets on sale 8/22

    Can't wait to meet you when you constantly tell me not to stand around the ledge as I extend my bathroom break
  16. Re: What does the "new" Georges Niang bring to the court?

    Goes to show that no matter how sarcastic of a post, always use the pirate for posters like this
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    Re: Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awarness Day

    We lost what would have been our second child a month ago. It has made us cherish the daughter we currently have so much. It was such a roller coaster ride.

    Went from finding out we were...
  18. Re: for the gamblers, what is the biggest bet you ever placed?

    01 grad
  19. Re: you get to go back in time and change one life decision you made

    hope i am not ruining your night by trying to throw out multiple random topics of conversation on an off topic message board. If need be I will go ahead and virtually handcuff myself from the...
  20. Re: for the gamblers, what is the biggest bet you ever placed?

    to not cover is my assumption

    your a marshalltown cat so i have to wonder of we know the same people
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