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    Re: Curse of Oak Island

    What I love (and hate) about the show is they give every nut with a conspiracy theory an audience and act like they're taking these guys seriously. I don't know how they avoid laughing in their...
  2. Re: post something people would never guess about you

    Every time I tell people I can sing, they look at me like they just stepped in something. I'm a pretty big guy and probably don't look like the singing type. Yet, I sang in University Chorus for just...
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    Re: Secret Scrimmages

    I watched the Kstate Big Xii Tournament game again last night and we were pretty fortunate to get by them. They only had one senior starter in guard Will Spradling, who did very little against us....
  4. Re: High thread count sheets - are they worth it ?

    Yes, they are worth it. I usually get the highest thread count I can find. You get a low thread count sheet and they start to unravel and twist themselves into little knots as you move around in bed...
  5. Thread: Walking Dead

    by Bipolarcy

    Re: Walking Dead

    Really? You're going to bother to learn the name of someone you are going to kill? Asking a name and remembering it are two different things. If you ask a name of someone who is just one of a lot of...
  6. Thread: Walking Dead

    by Bipolarcy

    Re: Walking Dead

    You have to die first to turn into a zombie. It would take a while to die from one zombie bite. And all the people alive are infected anyway. If they now say that eating the meat of someone bitten by...
  7. Thread: Walking Dead

    by Bipolarcy

    Re: Walking Dead

    Gonna put my two-cents in on this too. I thought at first when Bob went outside to have a good cry that he had been bitten too. But it makes more sense to me that he was part of the cannibal group...
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    Re: what are the biggest perks of your job

    I get free tickets sometimes. College football games, minor league baseball games, fair tickets etc.
  9. Re: College Football Pick'em - Enter for a chance to win a Kegorator!

    Ohio State (-14) vs. Navy
    Alabama (-26) vs. West Virginia
    Georgia (-7.5) vs Clemson
    Florida State (-17.5) vs. Oklahoma State
    LSU (-4.5) vs Wisconsin
    North Dakota State @ Iowa State (-3.5)
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    Re: Greek 7 footer

    According to an Ame Trib story (or maybe it was the register) from a while back, he was in the U.S. as of about 2 weeks ago. Don't know why he's not in school yet. Maybe it has to do with transcripts.
  11. Re: Actors who should have been nominated for an Oscar but weren't

    If you have to ask that you didn't get it.
  12. Tech geeks, I need help. Anyone ever heard of this?

    I play a Kixeye game through Facebook and lately it's been kicking me off the internet. It's not crashing and I have to restart, it's literally kicking me off the Internet. My router light turns red...
  13. Re: Actors who should have been nominated for an Oscar but weren't

    I just watched American Hustle this past week and I had to do a double take when I finally realized that the woman who played Christian Bale's wife might be someone I've heard of before. She looked...
  14. Re: Actors who should have been nominated for an Oscar but weren't

    You didn't even mention Rickman's best role: Something the Lord Made. Of course, it was a made for TV movie, but I still found it enjoyable.

    I also enjoyed him in Quigley Down Under and Galaxy...
  15. Actors who should have been nominated for an Oscar but weren't

    I was thinking about this the other day and wanted to hear some other opinions. My opinion is probably more than slightly out there, but I think Jon Heder should have at least been nominated for...
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    Re: Iowa State Scrimmage 8/9

    My understanding is that it's done this way because someone in the past did an actual play-by-play at one of these things. Actually sat down and took notes at the scrimmage, then posted it on a...
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    Re: Friday QOTW 8/1 - Move Out Best Find

    A ratty old dresser that was made of particle board and a 25-year-old microwave that didn't work, but would give you cancer if it did. It probably hadn't been cleaned in 25 years either.

    Oh wait,...
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    Re: Pollard on KXNO

    People were constantly complaining about Bruce's boring offense, especially during his first three 4-7 seasons. Think Woody Hayes and three yards in a cloud of dust. They were still complaining when...
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    Re: ISU officially a Pepsi school

    I always hated that about Iowa State when I went there. I couldn't find a Pepsi for anything in any of the vending machines or anywhere on campus for that matter. I hate Coke. It always leaves me...
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    Re: RB Ozigbo announcing at 2:00 today

    Here's what I like. If you go to one of the Iowa boards, and I forget which one, you'll find a poster saying that Ozigbo is slow for a RB because of the posted 4.7 40 time. I've seen other times for...
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