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    Re: Excel help - comparing lists

    I typically to use the COUNTIF() function for this. Although not necessary, I also create data tables to make it easier. Tables are pretty much awesome. You should use them if you don't already.

  2. Re: What brewers would you like to see in Iowa?

    I miss Flying Dog, but FFF would be amazing. Yeah, I'll second Surly and Bear Republic too.
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    Re: When do we get the next Niang?

    I agree that he will try to pick up one or two transfers every year (based on how Matt A. has talked about it). But even elite programs have plenty of 4 year guys (some leave after 3). Many don't...
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    Re: When do we get the next Niang?

    Yeah, didn't mean a player just like Niang or even someone who can fill all the roles he does. I meant the "it guy" on the team. The leader, the offensive linchpin, the closer. For program...
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    When do we get the next Niang?

    I just realized that Niang is a Jr now, and Ejim was a Jr. when Niang was a Fr. Niang had the luxury of nearly zero pressure to perform at first, since he was not THE GUY (neither was Ejim until last...
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    Re: Ames KMart Closing

    Every single Kmart in the country will eventually close. The owners have a long, long exit strategy. The only reason they're still around is real estate.
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    Re: Gardens..

    I've also heard ground egg shells and used coffee grounds, which I will be trying this year.
  8. Re: Getring ready to do Garage Floor. Advice?

    It can end up really slick with ice or snow on it (like a slip and break a hip, slick). When you put the sealer on, I would throw on sand or something similar for traction.
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    Re: What types of grasses are these?

    Tall fescue. It's actually more hardy and lower maintenance than bluegrass and rye, but most people don't like it for aesthetic reasons. If it's in a few spots, you can dig it out and replant (or...
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    Re: Stamped Concrete vs Patio Blocks

    I would think the stamped concrete would be cheaper, since it's a faster process (i.e., less labor). I'm personally not a fan of it. They tend not to wear as nicely as stone or concrete pavers.
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    Re: Seth Greenberg on DP show

    The NBA will ALWAYS be there, there's no need to rush it. I can't imagine Fred going to the NBA before he feels like his college coaching career has a nice bow on it (which also means establishing a...
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    Re: Kane replacement?

    OK, I guess. So you're not replacing a player in the sense that they fit into the offense/defense in a specific way, just that they provide a mismatch in some way. If that's the rationale you want to...
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    Re: Kane replacement?

    Hoiberg doesn't replace players. It's not a system like KU or Cuse. He works with the skills that each player has, and builds his offense around them.
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    Re: Kane In The NBA

    If I'm an NBA GM, I'd would rather draft a potential prospect, and then pick up Kane later. If I'm Kane, I would rather not be a 2nd round pick either.
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    Re: Open up the check book, Mr. Pollard

    Just my $0.02... coaches like a certain base pay, but beyond what most others earn in the league, they really want long-term security. If I were Hoiberg and I knew Pollard had X dollars to spend, I...
  16. Re: Is UConn a better match up for us than UNC?

    It will definitely be a home game for UConn from a fan perspective, but I fully expect the Cyclones to unphased by MSG. Both teams will have the talent to win, and both coaches will be making smart...
  17. Re: Great threads at The Boneyard...UCONN message boards

    I don't disagree with the sentiment, but I think it misses the point. It's not like he was unhappy with his NBA career. He wasn't trying to use the ISU job as means to an end. It wasn't about Hoiberg...
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    Re: Another Home-Buying question

    All things being equal, I found the two most important things with a lender is customer service and expertise. They should be able effectively communicate everything to you (with no surprises), and...
  19. Re: Great threads at The Boneyard...UCONN message boards

    It seems a lot of elite programs (fans) have the attitude that they can/should get ANY coach they want. I could be completely wrong, but I don't think every college coach aspires to coach at KU....
  20. Re: Great threads at The Boneyard...UCONN message boards

    Has anyone scouted UCONN enough to know how they compare to other teams on our schedule? So far, I [think I] I know they play great defense, are fast, and have length inside, but not necessary...
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