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  1. Re: Big Four Classic: Predict the fanbase turnout per school

    Wait, Drake has fans? I think those of you expecting Drake fans are mistaking the percentages with the percentage of people in the crowd are fans of the rapper Drake.
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    Re: Deonte Burton

    How cool would that be if he committed tomorrow, exactly one year after Jameel McKat? Mind = Blown
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    Re: Seth Greenberg: Monte Morris #1 PG

    But Iowa fans said that most of the country would agree that Gessell is one of the best PG's in the nation and that Morris isn't even close to as good as him. Iowa fans sure are smart...
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    Re: Kansas Game Pickle

    Clearly any boss that schedules a company party the night of ISU's biggest home game of the year hates Hoiberg and hates America and is therefore a communist. I know I wouldn't want to work for a...
  5. Thread: Top 10 PGs

    by Thomasrickj

    Re: Top 10 PGs

    Haha, where is that one idiot Iowa fan who said that outside of CF'ers that people would agree he's one of the best point guards in the nation? There are at least fifteen more I would put before him.
  6. Re: Jamaree Strickland Ht: 6-10 | Wt: 270 to transfer

    6'-10" and 270? Has he been working out with Aaron Agnew?
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    Re: Cheick Diallo

    No, he's known for being an absolute freak that will light up every aspect of the scoresheet. And he's obviously famous because of his Unibrow.
  8. Re: The Bleacher Report's Week 6 Top 25 (ISU ranked 11th)

    11 seems like a good spot to put us in for now.
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    Re: Alabama vs WSU game

    I hope they lose at least three in the Valley. That many losses in that conference doesn't warrant a top 15 ranking. This team scheduled a D2 opponent for goodness sake. If they want respect they...
  10. Re: Powerhouses Beware In Big 12 (ISU best offense in Big 12)

    McKat (meow) will help us out a lot on defense. Expect our defense to be much improved, thus not having to rely as much on outside shooting.
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    Re: SDW is transferring

    My guess is he winds up at some good mid-major and becomes a very solid player and top three on the team in scoring. He's a good player but we have way too much talent at the guard position. Best of...
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    Re: Alabama vs WSU game

    I'm sure the voters will move up Wichita State for this and voters will justify it as a "good" comeback win. I'm so sick of Wichita State. They don't belong in the top 20.
  13. Poll: Re: Poll: Who is your favorite pure shooter under CFH so far?

    Your mom.
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    Re: Transfer? U Bet Your A**!

    The OP is starting a pep rally. I like it!
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    Re: Rashad Vaughn

    Vaughn will likely be a early second round pick if he goes this year. Judging by the fact that Vaughn seems to be pretty dumb, I don't think he's going to stick around another year or two to try and...
  16. Re: How much will destroying Drake Saturday hurt our RPI?

    Who the f*ck cares about this and our RPI this early in the season? As long as we finish in the top half of the conference and stay in the top 25 we will be fine. Some of you are acting like we are...
  17. Re: How much will destroying Drake Saturday hurt our RPI?

    You've seriously never had a positive post about our basketball team. Man I would hate to hate life as much as you. Every single post of yours is "we are going to lose" or "it's going to be a close...
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    Re: Semi Ojeleye - Duke Transfer

    Probably because we are going after Deonte Burton pretty hard and still leaving a scholly for Diallo. My guess is also that Fred is confident there may be a better transfer out there after the...
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    Re: Rashad Vaughn

    Vaughn isn't even listed as a draft prospect in this year or next years draft. Sure, he's putting up great numbers for a freshman but he doesn't have a chance to showcase his skills because of the...
  20. Re: Sizing up the upcoming conference schedule

    Did it beep out Jebus? I'm hoping you meant to say Jebus.
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