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    Re: ISU and Drake saturday TV

    Is MC22 in hi def? How brutal will it be watching standard def thru
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    Re: Niang Blows Kiss to Hawkeye Student Section

    Quite a few players on the Hoks roster could get rich after graduation if the Washington Generals and New Jersey Reds get in a bidding war over them. A couple of them are going over to the music...
  3. Thread: Dejean Jones

    by cyclone83

    Re: Dejean Jones

    Any old farmers who live close to Ames whose nearest neighbors are a mile away and go south for the Winter? Perhaps Bryce could housesit for them until they come home in March.
  4. Thread: Expansion

    by cyclone83

    Re: Expansion

    If Mizzou, Georgia Tech, or Wisky had won we aren't having this discussion. If 2 of them had won both TCU and Baylor get in and everyone is saying how brilliant the Big 12 is for not having their...
  5. Re: ***Official "Let's get this over with" TCU vs. ISU Gameday thread****

    Two Gatorade baths in one year for beating ISU. Next year's football poster?
  6. Re: Robert Plant turns down 800 Million dollar reunion offer

    Ronnie James Dio disagrees. RIP. Sabbath firing Ozzy did produce two of the greatest albums though, Blizzard of Oz and Heaven and Hell.
  7. Re: I know Im in minority However Rhoads is my guy no matter what.

    Major league baseball player?
  8. Re: Anybody Watching Florida State at Louisville?

    Outside of two minutes the clock stops when you go out of bounds but is restarted once the ball is spotted for play. Inside of two minutes the clock stays stopped until the snap. Been that way for...
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    Re: Did Led Zeppelin Copy Stairway to Heaven?

    I hear similarities to the Rain Song as well.
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    Re: Channel 5 sports?

    I wish we could have kept Zuban in the Des Moines market. He would be a great replacement for Garmin on KCCI and would be a good two hour a day radio host also.
  11. Re: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson indicted on Child Injury charge

    How many times have we heard the cover up is always worse than the crime? If Adrian had said from the beginning he had no idea how those marks got on his son and the photos were never made public...
  12. Re: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson indicted on Child Injury charge

    Not very often does a 29 year old back get to take an entire season off perfectly healthy.
  13. Re: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson indicted on Child Injury charge

    Feb 5, 2017

    As Jerry Jones lifted his second Super Bowl trophy over his head in as many years he paused to give mvp Adrian Petersen a hug. It sure was great having Adrian on our team these past...
  14. Re: BTN does a little recap of your Iowa game ...

    Delivery truck spotted at B1G studio delivering 14 pigs and a case of lipstick.
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    Re: He has 4 OWI's....

    He was sentenced to 5 years and was supposed to serve at least 2.5 years. I don't know if he even made it a year in Newton and was released. A month later he is on TV for Deery Brothers. Cityview...
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    Re: ISU,Iowa, UNI funding Formula

    Could have something to do with a Branstad economic strategy of creating lots of jobs in Iowa because we have cheap labor. Would have been a brilliant plan had we not had to compete with Mexico and...
  17. Thread: Bubu

    by cyclone83

    Re: Bubu

    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep
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    Re: New phone recommendation

    I also have a HTC One and really like it. Good battery life. Good rugged metal case. Fits in pocket nicely. It replaced a HTC Thunderbolt which I heard HTC officially apologized for. Battery...
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    Re: Escaped Inmate in Urbandale

    In other crime news from yesterday did you see the cell phone video of the shootout in Iowa Falls? The cops really opened up on that guy Sonny Corleone style.
  20. Thread: Fargo

    by cyclone83

    Re: Fargo

    Billy Bob Thornton's character is similar to the hit man in No Country For Old Men. Read a review that this is a new trend in series, commit to 10 episodes only to get some bigger stars to sign on...
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