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  1. Re: INSTANT REACTION: Cyclones rout Drake; Burton commits (video)

    1. Dump the bow tie.
    2. Not a great idea to be chomping gum during a on camera interview.
    3. Great content in the interview though, keep it up.
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    Re: ISU and Drake saturday TV

    I had a really good picture using an IPAD hooked through HDMI. Not choppy at all. The wide angle camera's weren't great, but the camera shots from floor level looked really good. I think most...
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    Re: Larry E kicking some butt!

    Really, just because he doesn't believe something that has its roots in bad choices and lack of control isn't a disease. I can buy that alcoholism is like a disease, but it is not a disease. ...
  4. 2 upper deck corner tickets for Southern free, just pay transfer fee.

    Can't go at the last minute. If anyone can use these let me know. They are top row upper deck, but I'm guessing you'll be able to move to better seats in this one if you want. PM me an email...
  5. Re: just realized KU winning today moves us up in ranking

    Actually that seems like a huge character flaw.
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    Re: Hawk week Memes

    Holy Cow did they have Fran wrong!

    "The incident highlighted the distinctly different personalities of Fran and Margaret McCaffery. Fran McCaffery, 48, is as studious and bookish as his...
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    Re: Big 12 Left Out

    You do realize the NCAA does not allow a 10 team conference to have a championship game for some unknown reason. Also not having one never hurt the Big 10 and often benefitted them in the past. ESPN...
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    Re: Paige commits to UNC

    Maybe he can make it 0-3
  9. Thread: Iowa beat UNC

    by ExCyment

    Re: Iowa beat UNC

    Paige grew up a Hawk so losing to ISU last year must have really humbled him last year, now this. Iowa was 8 for 33 in the second half and still won. A really ugly game offensively for both teams. ...
  10. Thread: Lamar

    by ExCyment

    Re: Lamar

    No way we don't hang a hundred on this team.
  11. 2 corner tickets and parking pass to Arkansas

    Section. 204 row 17 seats 5 and 6 with a century parking pass. $40 for all. I've been sent overseas and won't make it back for this one. PM me if interested.
  12. Thread: Joel Lanning

    by ExCyment

    Re: Joel Lanning

    If true, I understand the teams performance on the field.
  13. Re: *** Official Maryland vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Any streaming for a guy overseas?
  14. Re: Did you catch the .......Who's a better hire, McCaffery or Hoiberg

    I always love when this thread reemerges. Now the whose a better hire, Briles or Chiz Whiz thread sucks!
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    Re: The Formula to Win at Iowa State

    wear visitor jerseys. :shocked:
  16. Re: Anyone Watching this UMass vs Manhattan Crazy End of Regulation???

    I was there, it was the most awesome and bizarre ending I have ever witnessed. Husker tears were sweet.
  17. Re: My uncle got tickets to the Iowa game. As an opposing fan, what can I except?

    Last time I was there it was so quiet you could hear yourself cheer over the crowd. That was over ten years ago though so maybe they expect more from there team now. Can't figure out why, but they...
  18. Thread: SDW

    by ExCyment

    Re: SDW

    Not seeing it, but I hope SDW proves me wrong. My thoughts leaving Hilton were that SDW had two games to earn playing time, I certainly don't think he did it last night. First game, so who knows.
  19. Re: The Forgotten Years: The History of Wayne Morgan

    McDermott could coach as evidenced before and after ISU, he could not recruit and keep players. Morgan was the opposite, great recruiter who kept players happy, but a lousy head coach. I was...
  20. Re: pair of tickets + parking pass for Georgia St 17 November; just $30

    Tickets sold. Thanks
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