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  1. Thread: UK vs UCLA

    by imnclone

    Re: UK vs UCLA

    If Kentucky doesn't go undefeated and win it all, their season is a failure. That is the expectation I am setting for them.
  2. Re: ***Offical Iowa State vs Iowa PostGame Thread***

    Thomas only made 1 of 7, but maybe he should get the game ball because the squawks disappeared after his shot sucked the life out of them.
  3. Re: *** Official UMKC vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    BDJ 8-10 rest of the team 11-31
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    Re: Keys To Beating The Hawks

    ISU needs to learn how to win on the road. The Cyclones are 10-17 in big 12 road games over the last 3 years, 3-6 last year. I don't know why anyone would expect an easy win over a competitive...
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    Re: MBB: Arkansas vs Clemson

    Hogs looking very average tonight. up 52-50 with 4:25 left
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    Poll: Re: When McKay comes in....who's out?

    I would think the staff will try to get Mckay as many minutes as possible once he is available. They don't really have the time to bring him along slowly. Wasn't the South Carolina game scheduled...
  7. Re: *** Official Lamar vs #20 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    BDJ is doing very well again, yet it feels like he could just dominate at some point. Everything looks so effortless for him.
  8. Thread: Cyclone.TV

    by imnclone

    Re: Cyclone.TV

    I am not seeing the Maryland game on replays. Anyone else having this issue. Why isn't there a replay for this game?
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    Re: Oklahoma vs. Wisconsin

    I am just going to smh ever time I see TaShawn Thomas play immediately after transferring from Houston while Mckay sits out 1.5 basketball years.
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    Re: Doubling the post

    CFH's teams have not been known for playing good defense although this is mostly due to size and short rotation. Hopefully having the length of Mckay and BDJ can at least make the Cyclones more...
  11. Re: *** Official Maryland vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    yes, WV game was worse than this. struggled some other games away from Hilton last year too Need to be on top of your game to win against equal talent. Poor defense gave Merryland's...
  12. Re: *** Official Maryland vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Again the Cyclones still weak on defense/rebounding at the start. Edozie is changing the tone of the game. Maryland was just having their way early on.

    Georges needs work on drawing more...
  13. Re: *** Official Alabama vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Not surprised this is close. Alabama is athletic and able to hit wide open 3's. ISU is getting better on D this year, but have a ways to go. can't wait for Mckay's arrival.

    and ISU...
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    Re: Colorado St vs Georgia St

    I am sure GSU can get better, but they play pretty loose with the ball. Watching Harrow this game makes you appreciate MM's defense.
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    Colorado St vs Georgia St

    Mountain West has a free stream of this game which is just starting.!/watch-live#9246
  16. Re: BDJ: Hoiberg's Comments on him doing too much

    2 or 3 sounds about right. Lots of possessions in Oakland game had one pass, then shot. It wasn't just BDJ doing questionable things. I thought it must have been because of the stress on pace. ...
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    Re: ISU a 10.5 point favorite over Georgia State

    Yup zone team. Can't see it being as good as Baylor's with the length they had.

    The panther's...
  18. Re: 2014-15 Season: Who Big 12 teams are losing, returning, and adding

    Apparently OU is one of the "special" schools in the ncaa's eyes. Looks like now planning to graduate is a reason for waiver approval. There was a coaching change too. Curious how that works. ...
  19. Thread: Malik Monk

    by imnclone

    Re: Malik Monk

    Archie Goodwin is a good example of the bad side of these physically talented players going to Kentucky. UK did little to develop his game, his draft stock plummeted and now with Phoenix he never...
  20. Re: *** HOOPS PREDICTIONS for the 2014-15 season ***

    CFH has yet to have a good road conference team (3-6 last year). This team has a chance to be a good defensively which could change that. However, I will need to see it first.

    non-conf 10-2 ...
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