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  1. Re: INSTANT REACTION: Cyclones rout Drake; Burton commits (video)

    Cant wait to see what Burton will look like in cyclone colors, looks like an amazing fit for this program!!
  2. Re: *** Official Drake vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Thats what the guy was trying to say? I was thinking what the heck is he saying, I guess the 4th time he says it I understand but blash or something was being said before hand wasnt it? lol
  3. Re: *** Official Drake vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    holy cow that speed from Mckay is going to be crazy fun to watch on the fast break, wow.
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    Re: Laptop recommendations?

    Totally agree about Toshiba's in the last two years, Ive had two keyboards crash, the battery charger and a cooling fan give out in the two years Ive owned mine. Total spent on repairs is double what...
  5. Thread: Dejean Jones

    by mb7299

    Re: Dejean Jones

    What I dont get is how the police can go unpunished in situations like this, where is their fine and jail sentence for abusing their power (no probably cause to search) ect. Im not sticking up for...
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    Re: MLB Offseason Hot Stove

    I wish they could have put the Morales money toward someone that can play 3B, unless the plan is to let Hosmer move over there from time to time I dont like the idea of having a DH only player again....
  7. Thread: Nader

    by mb7299

    Re: Nader

    right now it seems like he'll make a Booker type difference for our team, which of course is very much so needed. I do hope he can become better at boxing out though, it always feels like their is a...
  8. Re: *** Official Lamar vs #20 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    is this game streaming online anywhere, cant seem to find anything.
  9. Re: *** Official Alabama vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I can live with a TO from time to time from Morris, there were several times I saw him miss open players because it would have been a tough pass, those tough passes would have been dunks, that seems...
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    Re: Is Dave Rice on the hot seat?

    By pro style offense did Vaughn mean no passing and one on one plays that lead to awful fade-away shots that dont go in? UNLV is awful.
  11. Re: *** Official Georgia State vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    wasnt sure if this was posted on here earlier or not: 2. Ron Hunter has been borderline sandbagging of late, repeatedly telling his Georgia State players that Iowa State, their opponent Monday, is...
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    Re: Recruit Lists v2.0

    dead weight isnt such a bad thing from time to time as far as having a player with a high grade point average to help out our final line as far as the NCAA is concerned. Which is huge if we start...
  13. Re: you get to go back in time and change one life decision you made

    I regret trusting in my college adviser that told me after repeatedly asking if it were possible to get a PE endorsement with my history degree, that it was not possible so I withdrew only to find...
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    MLB: Re: Royals Clinch Playoffs

    Totally agree about the hitting, you know if we get someone on second base with no outs there is about a 80% chance of us not scoring. They are going to have to change quite a bit of players on the...
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    MLB: Re: Royals Clinch Playoffs

    that is a good point maybe the wsox should be reminded to play for the L's so they can get a better pick in the draft :)
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    MLB: Re: Royals Clinch Playoffs

    No kidding on the Twins, I want the central crown pretty bad. We do have two of our better pitchers going as well so I feel like we can win both, just have to have the Twins take care of the Tigers.
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    Re: Terker's Top 25 Preview

    I agree, I think Hogue will have a shot at playing in the nba as a role player, he does what he does great. If he can improve his 3pt shot he'll get a chance eventually.
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    Re: New Niang Article

    Whats this about Niang playing with Noel??? I'm just now hearing about it? geesh :) It should be fun to see him matched up with PF types this year especially since he looks like he has his jumping...
  19. Thread: Under the Dome

    by mb7299

    Re: Under the Dome

    Please tell me this is it for the show? I thought I read that ideally they want it to go 5 years, which is crazy Im not sure Ive seen a show where they kill time like they do on this show, its...
  20. Thread: The Leftovers

    by mb7299

    Re: The Leftovers

    That was a crazy last episode of the year. Cant say Ive ever seen any show like that, my mind was like what just happened for the entire hour.
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