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    Re: Longhorn Network Christmas Day

    I'm pretty sure ESPNs payment to Tejas is dependent upon how many carriers sign up which today has been very few. The big numbers tossed around when the LHN launched were high end estimates.
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    Re: The Terrorists Have Won...

    If I were Sony I'd air drop about a million copies on North Korea. I'd also throw in a few Cabelas and Victoria Secrets catalogs and give them a taste of what good old capitalism is all about.
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    Re: Alabama vs WSU game

    I would not ay the refs screwed Alabama outright but they passed up PLENTY of opportunities to call WSU for fouls when they started pressing hard. Like a well coached team they took advantage of...
  4. Re: And the only undefeated team left in the Big XII is....

    Hopefully our layers are learning that we will get everyone's best shot this year. Days of sneaking up on teams is done.
  5. Re: Another Article on Possible Big XII Expansion

    Just because others are doing it does not make it right. I would hate to have teams that far away in our conference. It is not just going to games (which is becoming almost impossible in some...
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    Re: Jerky Recipes

    Do you use ground meat or sliced? I use ground beef and my most popular flavor is made with jerky spice from Nesco. (one of the cheaper ones out there).

    I use 1/2 original jerky spice and 1/2...
  7. Re: When up 20 late in 2nd half, should the cyclones consider slowing down on offense

    I was OK slowing it down but when the Squawks kept fouling in the last 90 seconds while down big I would have been Ok with scoring at every opportunity.

    I'm OK with fighting to he end but I...
  8. Re: How much will destroying Drake Saturday hurt our RPI?

    Since we are bringing a new player into the rotation I'm glad we have a weak opponent. I'm guessing Fred will give MacKay lot of minutes as long as the game is well in hand.
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    Re: BDJ Defense?

    He can be a god defender but I also thought he played poor D yesterday. Particularly in the first half.
  10. Re: I need your Help Embarrassing a Hawyeye Fan!

    Get the Mascot and Me app from US Cellular. Take pic of him on ground with Cy standing on top of him. Add score and fsrorite slogan.
    Next year the game is in Hilton. May I suggest a wager involving ...
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    Re: Keys To Beating The Hawks

    Good point I guess that is why Kane threw it at his back last year.
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    Re: How far are we willing to go to win?

    In addition to talent you have to have teamwork to win. If there are players who hurt morale and teamwork they need to be gone. It takes a lot of talent to overcome hurting the attitude of the other...
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    US Cellular vs Verizon

    Been on US cellular for years and been pretty happy. My son lives in Colorado and is on Verizon because USCellular blows out there. Considering switching wife and I to Verizon to get on better...
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    Re: Renewing Season Tickets

    OK. Here is the answer (in my world). Season tickets will be probably be down next year but not as much as the "Fire CPR" crowd is expecting. Probably be somewhere in the 35-37K range. That will...
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    Gundy to Florida?

    I'm tired of threads about our coaches. Let's talk about somebody else's. What does everyone thinkof this rumor? Good move for Gundy?
  16. Re: Who is buying seaon tickets next year if CPR is back?

    I'll be back.
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    Re: CysLockerrom Hacked by the Huskers ?!

    Maybe they think ISU fans will want to be honorary Husker fans when they play the Squawks. For me that game is like the Nazis vs the Taliban. My best case scinario is that the stadium concession ...
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    Re: Awesome Pre-Game Speech

    I had the opportunity to hear Ken Thomas speak a few years ago. HE was one of the Rangers in Black Hawk Down. He does an amazing job of tying together the lessons he learned in the military and that...
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    Re: What did you drink before the good stuff?

    Used to drink Bud Heavy in winter and Corona in summer. Spotted Cow helped me see the light.
  20. Re: Sam Richardson's on a "pitch count" this week

    Obviously Vegas is reading this thread. Spread opened at ISU -3 and is now ISU -1.5.
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