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  1. Re: Does anyone else hate the MBB non-conference schedule as much as me?

    The last parts of the OSU game at Stillwater, and the last 2 minutes of UNC were somewhere around 17 miles for me.

    Was it fun? Sure. Do I miss it though? Not sure on that.
  2. Re: COLUMN: Hope for Iowa State's defense in 2015?

    Feels like a lot of band aids and still not much depth of B12- caliber athletes.
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    Re: "It's so easy"

    Woolridge was a transfer, so that means he was a thug.
  4. Re: When up 20 late in 2nd half, should the cyclones consider slowing down on offense

    I think if the shot's there and open, taking it isn't bad.

    However, there's times when they seem to work too hard to just keep the pace vs. looking for a good/high % shot, and it leads to sloppy...
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    Re: Transfer? U Bet Your A**!

    Any mention of Iowa should only come down to recruiting battles of kids from Iowa, and that's about it.

    Those sorts of battles tend to work themselves out with things like moving past the...
  6. Re: Anyone else annoyed by the lack of game analysis by 3rd party analysts?

    Hopefully this game won't matter in two months. If it does, ISU may not be that good, and all of the gloating, including the antics of the player during the game, will look even worse than it does...
  7. Re: Niang kiss tops off chippy game between rivals

    You mean like when Reggie Evans flashed gang signs at the Hilton crowd during a big Iowa win in 2001?

    I really didn't like Niang's move, Long's '3's stance for a long amount of time, or Hogue...
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    Re: Just got back from HN...

    What's-his-toes who transferred from WI to Iowa doesn't seem to get labeled either. Neither did Brand Banks, Andre Woolridge, HLUSKA, Jacob Jaaks, Reggie Evans, and a whole host of others who were...
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    Re: Niang Blows Kiss to Hawkeye Student Section

    Wasn't a fan of that or the other antics but it was better than when Reggie Evans flashed gang signs in Hilton, so there's that.
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    Re: Cincinnati and Memphis to the Big 12?

    It's very interesting that Big Ten football looks outdated, but they've got the PR thing down, and the Big 12 used to have a very popular conference championship game that really didn't affect a...
  11. Thread: Fire Bowlsby?

    by madguy30

    Re: Fire Bowlsby?

    My gripe with the Big 12 is how little PR it seems to get vs. the other major players. That has to come from the top.

    The Big Ten did just fine getting teams into the BCS before their first Big...
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    Re: Iowa vs. ISU predictions

    11 is back in it with that much time left imo, especially as easily as it happened after quick buckets from quick/poor shot selection.

    ISU closed it out, so that's cool.

    I can't expect the...
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    Re: Iowa vs. ISU predictions

    My only hope is that if ISU gets a nice lead, that they play smart with the ball and at least take some time to look for a good shot instead of putting it up like the shot clock is only 5 seconds. I...
  14. Re: Everyone in the top 6 won fairly decisively except FSU

    Nah, OSU is a bigger national product than TCU or Baylor, so they might be in now. (sorry, ISU sunshine pumpers: 59-0 vs, Wisconsin is far more impressive than anything that's ever involved ISU...
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    Re: S&!# you do not hear at ISU football games!

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    Re: S&!# you do not hear at ISU football games!

    "Both of the teams on the field today have a lot of legit Division 1 talent."

    "Man, ISU looks good coming off the bye. They totally looked prepared for today's opponent."

    "I feel very...
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    Re: 3 ******* points!?!?!

    If it makes people feel any better: if ISU just had more talent, they'd have more points.

    It's that whole not having basic D1 athletes trend rearing it's head again. You know, like most years...
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    Re: Dustin Hogue - No rebounds

    I still thought he was very active and prominent last night; things seemed to go better when he was in, just didn't have rebounding numbers to go with it.
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    Re: Fred - No Tie?

    Cavs. Lebron keeps tweeting about how he wants to get better.
  20. Re: *** Official #18 ARKANSAS vs #20 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Fred has really burned out.

    Doesn't even get up by 30 in the first half on ranked teams any more.
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