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    Re: Joke of the day

    Fred has had several guys transfer out because they were not able to get playing time. Of course that is never a factor at Iowa, because the whole team besides Aaron White is role players that can't...
  2. Re: 2015 Defensive Depth Chart - We will be better, much better.

    A lot of the time the issue with ISU is not the starters, but the backups. With just a little bit of luck there will be multiple guys that are at least serviceable at DL and DE next year. That...
  3. Re: 2015 Defensive Depth Chart - We will be better, much better.

    I think the one thing that is clear is that there should be a few more bodies to play almost all the defensive positions, which in itself would improve the defense. A little more experience will...
  4. Does anyone else hate the MBB non-conference schedule as much as me?

    It seems like there are/were a lot of games that were 1 to 2 days apart and all the other games 7 or more days apart. Just hate the pace.
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    Re: Seth Greenberg: Monte Morris #1 PG

    I don't watch enough college BB to know where MM fits as far as 1 through 10. All I know is that he is very , very good, especially for ISU.
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    Re: Preview: McKay's time has finally arrived

    I will be interested to see if he can dominate on the boards against Drake. He had some insane stats in the CCL, but the CCL tend to have a few crazy stats.
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    Re: Preview: McKay's time has finally arrived

    What do you think the O/U is for McKay getting 3 fouls in his first 10 minutes? I think he is going to come out wanting to swat everything but up around the basket into the cheap seats.
  8. Re: COLUMN: Hope for Iowa State's defense in 2015?

    I don't get some of you guys. You want CPR to go out and hit the JUCOs, he goes and gets what appears to be some guys that will help what is obviously a struggling defense, and then all you do is...
  9. Re: COLUMN: Hope for Iowa State's defense in 2015?

    I think with the new additions and the guys that never got a chance to play last year, plus another year on all the super young guys that played last year have a chance to mold into a serviceable...
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    Re: What's your LEAST favorite Christmas song?

    I for one like Santa Baby, as long as I only have to listen the the original and only a couple times a year. Don't like a lot of the screachy remakes of classic songs by woman like Whitney Houston...
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    Re: SDW is transferring

    Kind of wondered if he was going to transfer when he did not get on the floor against Southern after the big lead the team got to in the second half. He probably decided to transfer a while ago. ...
  12. Poll: Re: Poll: Who is your favorite pure shooter under CFH so far?

    Really liked Scotty, but Tyrus just made crazy shots from everywhere. He was contently throwing up those what the Hell are you doing shots and then they would go in.
  13. Re: How much will destroying Drake Saturday hurt our RPI?

    Just win games and worry about RPI in late February. Need to come out a little more focused then they did against Southern. Also hopefully Drake's guards will not be shooting out of their minds...
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    Re: Greenberg Tweet on McKay

    Did anyone go to the Cap City games? How did Mckay shoot from the outside there? Also, McKay may add some defensive rebounding, which always helps ISUs offense a lot.
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    Re: Technical Foul

    I am sure that is why the rule is there, but like someone else said, it is probably based on bank boards from the 80s.
  16. Re: *** Official Southern vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Southern was crazy on fire from the outside, something they had been horrible at all year. ISU couldn't make an outside shot to save their lives. Stuff like that happens sometimes. Southern made a...
  17. Re: *** Official Southern vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Press is really grilling BDJ
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    Re: Samsung Smart TV question-CycloneTV

    That is what I do, just would be a lot easier if my smart tv was a little smarter
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    Samsung Smart TV question-CycloneTV

    I got a new 32 inch Samsung Smart TV that hooks to the internet, but I can not get Cyclone TV to work after logging on. It has the message that a plug-in is missing. Everything that I can find...
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    Re: Hogue's late dunk

    The only thing weird about it is Iowa didn't even try to get back. They are not a great team, but one thing they do is hustle all the time.
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  • TV: Mediacom 22
  • HOOPS: Iowa State vs. Drake
  • December 20, 2014
  • 04:00 PM