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  1. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies win strong over Ark Pine Bluff after ugly first h

    I didn't get to watch the first half of this game, I might after it comes out on cytv. But someone that always plays hard when she is out there, is Fallon Ellis. I also don't think she hurts the...
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    Re: Emily Durr Article

    She is going to have a big game one of these days soon.
  3. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies win strong over Ark Pine Bluff after ugly first h

    I think they should stick Jordan Jensen more into the rotation. I don't see where she hurts us when she is out there. All of those taller players need more experience. None of them are showing...
  4. Re: ***Offical Iowa State vs Iowa PostGame Thread***

    Anyway congratulations to the team. I never imagined a second half like that. I thought Nader would break out, but I didn't expect such a flawless game by so many of our players. Nader played...
  5. Re: ***Offical Iowa State vs Iowa PostGame Thread***

    You should feel really bad. I had a feeling he was going to break out.
  6. Re: ***Official #14 IOWA STATE @ Iowa Game(day) Thread***

    I don't have much today to say, except, h0ly smokes, the Cyclones came to play!
  7. Re: Sad to see this season finished, but can't wait for next year!

    I moped for days after this loss. Tough luck getting Illini in their arena, however, I still thought we had a chance. We showed we could stay with them, we just seemed to have lapses in every game...
  8. Thread: Abdel Nader

    by mitten1975

    Re: Abdel Nader

    I am looking forward to this game. With every problem, and opportunity opens up. This is going to be interesting. Go Nader!
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    Re: Bigger issue with DeJean-Jones

    This guy may be disrespectful in some ways off the court, I am not the judge of that, Fred will have to be, but he is unselfish on the court. I am impressed in almost every aspect of his...
  10. Thread: TURNOVERS

    by mitten1975


    We turned the ball over plenty in this game.
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    Re: ISU v. Iowa WBB

    That was the way I felt about it. We got lots of tough calls. Some of the players tried to do too much at times. We need to work harder to get Brynn open for threes, not have her handle the...
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    Re: Jones Flagrant Foul

    I don't deny that the foul was bad. I just say there is no need for us to make a deal out of it. In the heat of a game people make bad decisions. I watched the interview with Niang, and he...
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    Re: Jones Flagrant Foul

    No, But he didn't pull BDJ. The foul on Monte Morris was bad, and the ref opted on calling it on Monte. This team last year was known for many things, but being clean cut and never doing...
  14. Thread: Claire

    by mitten1975

    Re: Claire

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    Re: Players still figuring out roles

    I think this is the best part of this post. Our greatest problem was offensive in that game. (Offensive, and offensive.) That was we weren't drawing the defense into the middle and dishing out...
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    Re: Jones Flagrant Foul

    This is my reaction to this thread. It makes you wonder where Gossamer has been since Fred has been coach. I think Fred likes to see fire in his players, and then he tries his best to get them...
  17. Re: *** Official Maryland vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I am so happy there is a starting time of 8:30pm tonight. I would have missed most of it otherwise. I wonder who in their wisdom set up the schedule to correspond with mine this year?
  18. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Bearcats humbled in 31 point win

    I liked the way they substituted clones in waves, and they all did well. This is going to be a fun team to watch this year.
  19. Re: WBB: State title run begins tonight (Fennelly video)

    I wonder if quicker substitutions would help. When a player makes two fairly quick turnovers, we have players to substitute with. When players don't get rebounds we have players to substitute...
  20. Thread: VB @ Kansas

    by mitten1975

    Re: VB @ Kansas

    I can't see it tomorrow night because of other responsibilities. However, I wish them well, hoping that they keep playing like they have been playing. It be so sweet to win this game.
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