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    Re: Dejean Jones
  2. Re: Who will be our next Defensive Coordinator

    Please explain using at least 2 statistics that you think we are ahead of expectations? Here's a few to choose from:

    511 ypg (120th of 125 teams)
    .467 opponent 3rd down conversion rate (117th)...
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    Re: Texas on ESPNU

    I went to both Texas games so far this season and they are legit. Ridley looks like a whole new player out there, leaner and faster than last year and is running the floor on breaks, he's going to...
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    Re: Jake Knott

    I wish we were average
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    Re: Texas vs. Oklahoma

    Texas should be up in this game by a TD or more. OU is terrible today. If these two teams play like this against us, we have a much better chance to beat OU than UT.
  6. Re: Predict Punishment of Pollard and Review Official

    Fined $5,000. Source:
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    Re: Some numbers to go with Pollard's claim

    Indisputable to one person is not the same as another person (as demonstrated in several ISU games now), having a single replay official is stupid. If you don't have multiple reviewers, you end up...
  8. Re: Anybody watching this Arizona/Oregon game?

    OU and BU could both make it in. if the SEC beats itself up and ends up with only 1 team with less than 2 losses, and the PAC12 does the same. (UCLA, AZ, Standford and Oregon could easily all go...
  9. Re: Ohio State student who ran on the field losing his scholarship

    The only excessive action here is how much public universities are charging students for tuition, necessitating the scholarship in the first place.
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    Re: Home Field Disadvantage?

    The problem is this team has a looser's mentality. We play teams "tough" but we don't know how to close the deal. That's a cultural problem and is squarely on the coaching staff to fix. When we're...
  11. Re: All Big 12 Tournament games to be nationally televised in 2015

    Whataburger is just a few minutes from my work, that sounds great. Thanks for the lunch suggestion.
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    Re: How to beat Baylor

    Depends on if it's windy/crapy weather. If it's terrible weather, then I would consider gambling more and pressing our corners at the line and taking away the dink-and-dunk out of our standard 4-3...
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    Re: Texas QB David Ash done for season

    Swoops could be good if he continues to improve. He has decent accuracy and he can throw it a mile. Their offense is really limited right now with a really weak OLine. I don't think Swoops is as...
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    Re: Jevohn Miller

    He played a lot better today, he's a good run stopping RB from the MLB spot. He's still not good in coverage, he was definitely out of position on passing situations several times today. ...
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    Re: Official I'm sorry CPR thread

    Anyone who legitamently thinks Rhoads should be fired needs to take a quick ISU FB history lesson. For those too lazy to do their own research:

    Rhoads has the second highest conference winning...
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    Re: If ISU wins tomorrow...

    Beat Iowa and Toledo.
    Beat KU and Tech
    Win 2 of: Texas, TCU, WVU, and OSU.

    If we do win our last 4, and we get a favorable bowl draw and win, and then we take care of OOC business next year...
  17. Re: Why was Jack Trice glowing Green Friday night?

    I'd guess they're experimenting with some new green screen technology so that they can render in digital fans on TV broadcasts once our attendance drops below 30K/game.
  18. Re: Iowa (-14) favorite over Iowa State per Ken Miller

    Not that it matters, since past year performance is not really a very strong indicator of future games. But, at least get the math right: The median is 6. The mean is 14. (14.4 if you don't use...
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    Re: 0 points in second half this year

    wat? Are you saying he sucked except for 2 years at KU? Cause, he won a national championship as OC at OU, and when he was an assistant at KSU when they went 59-13 from '93-'98. Or how his overall...
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    Re: 0 points in second half this year

    True, Mangino and the O are still figuring it out. But, I think they have enough offense installed, just run the plays we know with more consistency. Do that next week and we win.
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