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    Re: Deonte Burton

    Sometimes a team just needs a toughness player or a glue type guy to hold the thing together. Some of our best teams have had guys like that, Stevie Johnson or Kantrail Horton come to mind. Would be...
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    Re: Rashad Vaughn

    Add Collison and Lefrenz, too.
  3. Re: ***Offical Iowa State vs Iowa PostGame Thread***

    I wish Johnny Orr could have seen this, I can only imagine what his take would be.
  4. Re: ***Official #14 IOWA STATE @ Iowa Game(day) Thread***

    Most of their fans can't type, especially from the ______ tavern.
  5. Re: *** Official UMKC vs #14 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    When are finals? Is that why the students weren't there in mass?

    We have to have better defensive pressure and effort on friday.

    Kind of scary what Richardson has done with UMKC in a year. Lots...
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    Re: ISU v. Iowa WBB

    We have a 33% chance of winning there. Based on nothing, just my gut. I just feel like we could win there about once in three games with the current players.

    Would this lock up the Cy-Hawk...
  7. Re: ***Iowa State at (9) Illinois - 7:00 pm CT***

    Thank you for making me a short term Gator fan, Illini.

    Good year, not great. The girls fought pretty hard tonight, and the second half of the season. Lots to improve on, lots of new faces coming...
  8. Re: Volleyball: Watch #25 WKU vs ISU Free online

    I wish the box scores showed attendance. KU played in Topeka, and with mbball game going on, I bet there was nobody there. They made a ton of errors, it looks like. OU had to travel but so did LSU....
  9. Re: Volleyball: Watch #25 WKU vs ISU Free online

    Wow, that changed. Great fight to get back into it. Their errors helped, but we showed good poise coming down the stretch.
  10. Re: Volleyball: Watch #25 WKU vs ISU Free online

    How many errors for Capezio there? Not good. That went from 8-9, to 8-15 pretty quick.
  11. Re: Volleyball: Watch #25 WKU vs ISU Free online

    What is the score, 22-21, us?

    Things got a little too close there at the end of Set 2. Keep focused and close this thing out.
  12. Re: Volleyball: Watch #25 WKU vs ISU Free online

    Hard to imagine a B1G school not having the score on the stream. Good first set by us, though, 25-13.
  13. Re: Volleyball: Watch #25 WKU vs ISU Free online

    Let's Go!

    They look tall and athletic, lots of 6' players it seemed.
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    Re: Nice job volleyball ladies!

    Good finish ladies. I thought we could finish second in the league all along. I guess I never thought of this as a rebuilding year. There were a lot of pieces in place to have success. Early season...
  15. Thread: 5-19

    by Sobchakcyclone

    Re: 5-19

    Because, the other team isn't us. We (defensive staff), tend to fall back into coverage, rather than pressure when it really matters. We spent the whole game dictating throws and bad situations when...
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    Re: Pathetic

    I would feel bad about that, but I know that they have arms that can tackle. It's a culture of mindset to wrap a guy up, not hit and hope they go down. It's fundamental football. We have to get back...
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    Re: ***Official ISU vs. TT Gameday Thread***

    You hold on every play and want to come on here and complain about it? You won the game *********.
  18. Re: Cyclones ready for NCAA XC championship at 11:00

    That is just awesome!! Andrea should be able to take them out for the steak dinners they talked about. Nice job ladies!!

    With our recruits, I think the men will be back to prominence in short...
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    Re: VB @ Kansas

    It would have been a big boost to win. It seemed like our serve receive was really poor. They really went after our bigs when the were playing back row. While we were trying to place too many kills,...
  20. Re: WBB: State title run begins tonight (Fennelly video)

    This is really bad. A better Drake team (IMO) got killed by essentially the same players, sans Hallie last year. Fennelly has no offense against a zone. The effort on defense and the boards has been...
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  • HOOPS: Iowa State vs. Drake
  • December 20, 2014
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