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    Re: Kansas Game Pickle

    Why would you need a hotel room if you skipped the party?

    I would skip the party and go to the game. You already had tix, they announced after, so you can't make it.

    No brainer to me.
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    Re: Mangino to Pitt?

    CFH didn't have any coaching experience and we hired him as a head coach. I think that turned out alright.

    Who else are we going to get? Who seriously wants to be an OC here?
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    Re: Mangino to Pitt?

    If he gone I think we have to go down the Sage route. Strong ties to the University, great mind, young and charismatic, etc.

    Some continuity on offense would be nice and I think he could...
  4. Re: Big 4 Classic Extended Through 2017 (and sold out this year)

    Why are we splitting this evenly? Seems like we should have the bargaining power to get a higher % than UNi and Drake.
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    Re: ISU and Drake saturday TV

    Meh. i think this has been isolated to a central Iowa event that a lot of companies use as a social event.

    Thas the trouble, the tix are twice the price that they should be.
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    Re: ISU and Drake saturday TV

    What's the tv for the Iowa v UNI game? MC too?

    Anyone else think it is ridiculous that you can't watch in-state rivalries on tv unless you have a certain cable company? Will be traveling at the...
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    Re: Love me some Huggy Bear.

    So they want to see an ISU - UNI matchup? Me too, obviously the 2 best teams in the state this year and we don't get to play each other.
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    Re: Defensive Scheme

    Obviously a 2-2-7 defense is the way to go.
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    Re: Kudos to Bryce Dejean-Jones!

    Scripted apologies mean nothing to me. His actions are, and will be a better indicator of whether or not he is truly sorry and has learned.

    His teammates have supported him, and his act has been...
  10. Re: Sizing up the upcoming conference schedule

    14-4 with losses at WVU, KU, OU, TX.

    Undefeated at home.

    Conference Champs.
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    Re: Riot after the Kansas game


    EJ can do whatever he wants, I don't care about a dunk at the end of the game or being a complete d-bag. That post-game meltdown was about the complete fix-job that game was. We won that...
  12. Re: Sportscenters coverage of college basketball is terrible

    Is this real?

    Jameis Winston isn't a starter in the NFL? Wow, thanks for the news, ESPN.
    Sam Bradford was a starter, not his fault he tore an ACL.
    Tebow is the only legitimate claim on that...
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    Re: ***Official Fall 2014 Finals Thread***

    My advice is compartmentalize everything. Make out your schedule for the week and stick to it, pick the tests you need to study hard for and really focus on them. Take a little time to review the...
  14. Re: Sportscenters coverage of college basketball is terrible

    Someone needs a to make a giant "ESPN Sucks" sign and sit right behind the basket for every conference game aired on their network. I think it'd be hilarious to see that every time the opposing team...
  15. Re: Iowa Fans already saying they dont care bout game

    NIT championship has to be up there. That was so huge.
  16. Re: D.M. flights now cheaper than Omaha on average

    I know, especially a 6:00 AM flight. You can park, check bags, get through security, and get to your gate in 20 minutes. It's awesome compared to the mess of bigger airports.
  17. Re: Cotton- Moya named Big 12 Freshman defensive POY

    Congrats to him. He had a great season but I am surprised by this award, nice to get the recognition!
  18. Re: D.M. flights now cheaper than Omaha on average

    I really like the Des Moines airport - simple and convenient.

    That said, I will drive the extra hour to get to MSP for a direct flight if DSM doesn't offer that.
  19. Re: Just Announced - Woodbury Bobblehead Night @ CHA

    They seriously have some of the strangest promotions over there. Current player bobble-head nights? The other day I heard something about ugly Christmas sweater night? Free Christmas ornaments for...
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    Re: Keys To Beating The Hawks

    Don't let them make it an ugly game. Which may be hard given the faces of the Iowa team.
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  • HOOPS: Iowa State vs. Drake
  • December 20, 2014
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