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    Re: ISU v. Iowa WBB

    This could be a big factor. A full healthy lineup is vital. In two recent losses there we were without Moody and the team had the flu.
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    Re: ISU v. Iowa WBB

    We haven't won there since '06. This is Fennelly's 20th season at ISU - his record against Iowa is 12-6. That suggests there was a year we didn't play. I'm guessing that missed game was a very...
  3. Thread: TURNOVERS

    by BenEClone


    This team's turnovers per game is 10.0. That includes 20 against Drake which is proving to be an anomaly. In the other games we had 13, 8, 7, 6 and 6. Last year we averaged 13.1 and the year...
  4. Re: *** Official #18 ARKANSAS vs #20 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Only negative on that half is Morris' 2-2 Assist to TurnOver. At least one of those to's ought to have been a foul.
  5. Re: *** Official #18 ARKANSAS vs #20 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Father Flanagan of college hoops - might be a better moniker than Mayor.
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    Re: Twister Sister free live stream link on now

    I didn't get to see or listen to this. What kind of defense did we face? 1-10 by Moody with two free throws suggests she didn't drive and get fouled, but 7 of her shots were two's. What is Jadda...
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    Re: Holiday Tournament Preview

    "as a team they are shooting better than Iowa State at the line." I trust that by season's end this will not be said. We've historically been very good - perhaps our early season focus has been...
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    Re: Crowd sucked tonight

    I accept my part of the responsibility: My "cyclone" was weak during "cyclone power" and I didn't wear my lucky shirt. I left it in the car and didn't bother to go get it. There was nearly a fight...
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    Re: Heer come the Bearcats!

    Stretched the lead with three frosh. Need the depth.
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    Re: Heer come the Bearcats!

    In Hilton awaiting the game. We see few each year - exciting to be here, and won't be back until the Challenge. We're going to KC tomorrow to get our MBB fix. Hoping to see a focused Moody - Sr....
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    Re: CBE Kansas City

    We're going to WBB Sunday and will go to P&L Monday then four MBB games in two days. A good time will be had by all. My tix were $ 50 per session. I'll live with it.
  12. Re: WBB: State title run begins tonight (Fennelly video)

    20 turnovers - seemed like more. Good to get a bad game out and still get a W. Durr looks great - arguably the best game for our team.
  13. Re: WBB: State title run begins tonight (Fennelly video)

    Drake is 2-18 from 3. Those 2nd and 3rd shots off rebounds for Drake are conspicuous but misleading - we lead on the boards 31-21. We're shooting 46.9% and Drake is at 20.6%. I don't know how much...
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    Re: photos from ISU vs USC-Upstate WBB

    Great pics, as usual. Maybe it looks worse than it was, but that elbow could have done some damage to Johnson. I assume you're on the base line, do you need credentials to set up there?
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    Re: Nikki Moody returns to team

    Based on what we know of CBF, no one slips into anything. Starters earn their spots - all earn their minutes.
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    Re: WBB signing day

    Kudos to you posters who track this process year round. Not long ago there was more suspense. Kudos to the staff for another great class. Best 3 years ever?
  17. Re: Twister Sister Summ...ah was yard work day!

    We've had greater post concerns - in the dougnut year, '02-'03, Welle had graduated, Smith no-showed and our posts were frosh Wilkins (not even a hint of her later play) and 6'2" soph Kriener. Worst...
  18. Poll: Re: Do you think Rhoads will be fired? (Not what you want)

    Pollard will, I guess, look at the direction of the program. The stadium project is a big statement for the program. We don't want to waste the opportunity to upgrade recruiting. CPR has not been...
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    Re: Tickets Arrived!

    We got ours Saturday. It seems too soon, but that is probably because it's so warm. BB weather ahead. It's a pretty light non-con - do women have the option of a "secret" scrimmage against a D-1...
  20. Re: Twister Sister Summary - a new season approaches

    29431 I think a lot of people will overlook Maddie. Not many girls can palm the ball like that.
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  • TV: Mediacom 22
  • HOOPS: Iowa State vs. Drake
  • December 20, 2014
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