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  1. Re: Powerhouses Beware In Big 12 (ISU best offense in Big 12)

    I truly find it bizarre and obsessive how much time twocoach spends on this board.
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    Re: Larry E kicking some butt!

    I loved LE and still do. If Fred ever left (hopefully never), I wouldn't be upset if LE replaced him.
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    Re: SDW is transferring

    Best of luck SDW!!!

    I hope he can find a great situation and wish him nothing but the best.
  4. Re: PODCAST: A candid conversation with Randy Peterson of the DSM Register

    It's pretty easy to fast forward, then you don't have to complain about the content of his free podcasts
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    Re: basketball states

    We need to put out some better recruits before I would consider us a basketball state.

    If Fred stays for an extended and/or if Iowa can elevate its program for several years then I could see it...
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    Re: Recruit Lists v2.0

    Time may be the only thing to really combat it. It's a heck of a lot better than the alternative, which is to have a coach that is not considered NBA worthy.

    Keep winning, and if he stays here,...
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    Re: brent musburger's a creep

    Did you just now learn that Musburger likes to party?
  8. Re: Nader's strong showing result of the wakeup call from Oleshany?

    He hit ball first. That much was very clear in the replay. There was some body contact afterward, as there is on virtually every contested play. It was probably the right call, but if roles were...
  9. Re: When up 20 late in 2nd half, should the cyclones consider slowing down on offense

    Regardless of the score, I personally don't think you should go into stall mode until about 2 min or less. But since Fred knows 100x more about basketball, I'm going to defer to him.
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    Re: Hoes Before Bros?? This Can't Be Good

    I am the wrong person to interpret Twitter. I really can't make heads or tails of most of that stuff
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    Re: Recruit Lists v2.0

    This week, I bet
  12. Re: Are there any replays of the Iowa game on BTN?

    Sweet thanks
  13. Are there any replays of the Iowa game on BTN?

    I looked forward yesterday on my guide but couldn't see any, but there was a lot of non-descript titles.

    Does anyone know when or if the game will be replayed again?
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    Re: Greenberg Tweet on McKay

    We really need Friday to get here....
  15. Re: ISU moves up one spot to #13 in the new AP poll.

    I agree, but last year was a totally different deal losing Niang. I think we win that game with Niang.

    As for the others, that's why it's important to win regular season games. It's really...
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    Re: McKay Expectations

    I think we'll ease him in, similar to Nader. You'll see some flashes of the future, along with some rust that he has to shake off.

    By the time we're about a third of the way through league play,...
  17. Re: ISU moves up one spot to #13 in the new AP poll.

    Keep winning, and we can get a 2 seed and worse case matchup with Kentucky in the Elite 8, or if we can play into a 1 seed, then you get to the Final Four before you have to worry about them.
  18. Re: ISU moves up one spot to #13 in the new AP poll.

    It's a long season. Just keep winning, and the rankings/seeding will take care of themselves.
  19. Re: NOTEBOOK: Two things from Hoiberg, McKay's impact

    From Fred.....

    “I think he should have a great impact,” Hoiberg said. “I think we need to be a little patient with him because he’s been off for a year and a half but he’s one of those kids that...
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    Re: Areas of Concern

    I'm fine with that. He'll get closer to his normal shooting percentage as the season goes on, just in time for B12 play.
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