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    Re: Bo found a job

    It is now official!
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    Re: Pres. Leath Comments on Rhoads

    I am not a Cyclone and all of you already know that. I can give you a view of this situation as an outsider. Recruits are not stupid. They also need a good strong bit of guidance. They should...
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    Re: Big 12 Left Out

    Folks, ESPN (ABC) has bought and paid for college football. When any thing is in doubt, please refer to the potential TV ratings for the teams involved. Most things in life are pretty simple to...
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    Re: Boycott Watching the Playoffs

    You guys go right ahead and boycott watching the games. I plan to be in front of my trusty laptop checking out all the action. My opinion before the season began was that anyone in the Big 12, not...
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    Re: 2014-2015 College Bowl Schedule

    Thank you for posting. Your PDF has been saved to my desktop.
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    Re: College Recruiting

    Graduate assistants are NOT allowed to travel to visit prospects. Any recruiting a GA does is done right here in Ames. Graduate assistants are supposed to be graduate students first and coaches...
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    Re: College Recruiting

    The head coach and assistant coaches are the only individuals allowed to recruit off campus. Graduate assistant may help with recruiting on campus. The number of assistant coaches is limited by the...
  8. Re: RECRUITING: Top-ranked JUCO DT says he will "probably" be a Cyclone

    Clink showed up in the fall late and out of shape. He had trouble learning schemes. The last 4 or 5 games he has played maybe 25% of the defensive snaps. It is not like he is not improving. The...
  9. Re: Lindy's: Lazard named Big 12's top newcomer

    There is a certain OU freshman that just broke the NCAA single game rushing record. I suspect he will garner a little consideration.
  10. Re: RECRUITING: Top-ranked JUCO DT says he will "probably" be a Cyclone

    If this young man wants to be an instant starter, he will definitely sign with ISU. It would be very difficult to be an instant starter at KSU. Defensive tackle may be the deepest position on the...
  11. 2014 Academic All Big 12 Football Team

    Gronk has a 4.0.
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    Re: The Formula to Win at Iowa State

    Please keep thinking exactly that way. Your comments demonstrate exactly why ISU has not been successful in football. ISU has lacked an identity in football for as long as I can remember.
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    Re: Bye Week Bookmark 3 of 3

    You have to build schemes based on the players you have, not the ones you wish you did.
  14. Re: Friday OT #2 What has surprised you about getting older?

    At 65, I no longer have patience with idiots. TV, other than college football and basketball, is something other people watch. Movies--what's a movie? I no longer care what others think about me. ...
  15. Re: Where is this program at the start of 2020?

    Maybe in the Big 12, maybe in the new Big 8, maybe in the MAC, or maybe even in the Missouri Valley. Only time will tell. The same holds true for my KSU Wildcats except the last three possibilities...
  16. Re: College basketball's most famous combover is over

    I remember Gene Keady as Jack Hartman's graduate assistant at Kansas State. He actually had hair then. Gene coached Oklahoma head coach Lon Kruger when Kruger was a freshman at Kansas State. A few...
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    Re: CPR call in show tonight?

    Cyd, please let me know when you plan to streak the quad. I have a great camera with a quick shutter. Those photos could show people how an elusive runner with great moves polishes his skills. ...
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    Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: I am a masochist

    Man, you just shot down the legend of Mark Mangino. That was not nice presenting facts like that to the forum. Hey, don't get me wrong. Mangino is a decent OC. He proved that at OU when he had...
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    Re: Tristan Nickelson - New Commit

    Bright? Yes. Big? Yes. The physical part remains to be seen. Time will tell what type of a motor this young man has. He has the size to be a force.
  20. Re: Football: Hungry for expert, insider analysis

    No, I did not forget courage. I listed Bill Snyder's 16 steps to success.
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