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    Re: Who did we chose CPR over in 2008?

    The Chiz had a history with Auburn as an assistant. Apparently, the Big Money Folks loved him, and were able to rationalize that ISU isn't in the same league as Auburn when it comes to support,...
  2. Re: Does JP quietly stop by the Mangino household this weekend?

    After the OU debacle (before the KU debacle) the commentators were commentating on the big difference in the talent level between OU and ISU. While it's highly unlikely that we recruit as well as...
  3. Re: Scandal At North Carolina: Fake Classes, Inflated Grades

    Seems like our competitors to the east of Ames have already been down this road. Remember the "Hawkeye Insights" class, attended mostly by athletes? The same light to none study load? Added to...
  4. Re: Now do we have permission from the Hoks to go ahead with the SEZ?

    Wowsers!! I was merely trying to remind folks of how arrogant and condescending some our Hok friends are. I apologize for upsetting some of you. Please feel free to go back to your thinskinedness...
  5. Thread: Soundoff

    by cyingreen

    Re: Soundoff

    I missed the Sound Off show Saturday. Can't wait for WHO to release the archived version on their website. There is scarcely anything more hilarious than hearing Hok fans melt down after losing to...
  6. Now do we have permission from the Hoks to go ahead with the SEZ?

    After the announcement of the 'concrete' plans for the SEZ project, lots of our Hok friends willingly and sincerely told us how big a mistake it was for us. Now that the Cyclones have once again...
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    Re: Odds to win the Big 12

    Does the new 'Horns coach have to 'earn' the right to get the benefit of the doubt on all officiating calls? Or does getting the bennies just come with the territory of being the 'Horns coach? One...
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    Re: ***Official NDSU @ ISU Prediction thread***

    Not all night. I only ordered 16. (can't wait to see what bison tastes like. I'm guessing NOT like chicken.)
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    Re: North Carolina NCAA Violations?

    Wow, and I thought Harrison Barnes went to UNC because it was such a solid tower of academic achievement.
  10. Re: Convince me the SEZ is a Good Investment (Long & Numbery)

    This. Everywhere you look on Gamedays, there are more people making a day of it. Friends, family, old college buddies gather to share food and drink. It's become a picnic/party atmosphere. Yes,...
  11. Re: Convince me the SEZ is a Good Investment (Long & Numbery)

    The uofi also threw out similar arguments way back in the 50's when Iowa State College wanted to upgrade to university status. The uofi president, Dr. Hancher, publicly stated that the state of Iowa...
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    Re: South End Zone Plans Regents meeting

    I'm more concerned about what we'll talk about on here when this is complete.

    GOLD helmets, recruits, which schools to get to make us XII again, or lacking that, change the conference logo to...
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    Re: Mack opts for USF

    Wow!! We must have one heckuva recruiting class when we can make lighthearted jokes about a 4 star's decision to go to another school. I like this attitude!! No gnashing of teeth or pulling of...
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    Re: TTU attendance: 5,681

    Boy, with the auditoriums in Lubbock and Ft. Worth bursting at the seams with enthusiasm, I can see now why there was so little interest in having a 'commuter' school with lousy attendance like...
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    Re: Length of the OC search

    I understand that it's easier to get excited about hiring 'someone special', a big name, someone with a big rep. But the most important thing is to hire the man who can take the players we have now...
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    Re: What we need versus Iowa

    Better that we get the Iowa high school girls to see that they can get all the 'big time' atmosphere/experience playing at ISU, and not running off to Stanford, etc.
  17. Re: If you were the Big Xll commissioner would you add two more teams?

    I have seen the arguments for adding TCU. My opinion is that they add little 'footprint' in TX, as small as their fan base is. I don't know how Louisville's fan base compares to TCU's. I do know...
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    Re: When to Add Two

    Perhaps after their first year in their new digs, there was doubt amongst their faithful. But now, with Mizzou leading their division, and Nebby playing for theirs, I bet they don't have many second...
  19. Re: What Prompted Johnny Orr to charge Iowa Asst?

    I am not sure if the original question about why Johnny took issue with the Hok coach was answered. If memory serves correct, John and Coach Davis had just shaken hands. The next Hok coach in line...
  20. Thread: Committed?

    by cyingreen


    With all the de-commits, both for and against us this year, somebody needs to come up with a better term to describe the 'verbal acceptance of a scholarship offer.' Committed just doesn't reflect...
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