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  1. Re: A Thread About Actual Coach Candidates

    So you want us to promote Yancy McKnight? I thought we had an elite strength and conditioning program...
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    Re: #FilmsWithOneLetterMissing

    Wild Wild Wet
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    Re: #FilmsWithOneLetterMissing

    Hoe Alone: Lost in New York
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    Re: #FilmsWithOneLetterMissing

    The Breakfast Cub

    I (the movie IT from the perspective of Pennywise)
  5. Re: Twister Sister Summ...ah was yard work day!

    Maybe I am in the minority but "Twister Sister" annoys me almost as much as "Let Me Mayor _____"
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    Re: JP and hard choices...

    We could bring in a terrible coach... and model our football program off of 25% stadium capacity. Give that person a 20 year contract at $400,000 a year and just cash paychecks as that team that the...
  7. Re: Does JP quietly stop by the Mangino household this weekend?

    Solution... give Sage or Seneca the Head Coach job... Have them hire a bunch of their recently retired NFL friends. Recruit based off the idea that you are working with NFL players.
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    Re: Aquarium Start Up

    Is the Ark still up and running? I bought a black ghost knife from there. A lot of weird fish there. IF it is still there... It is typically best if you order fish and they will give you a call...
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    Re: I have gone national

    Bookmarked and forward to family in Cedar County. (Did my Cyclone duty) Us 2007 History Grads have to stick together!
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    Re: a little upset

    This straight up works. Except say along the lines "my plan is to do this job to such a level that you get a promotion and follow up your promotion by promoting me to your job."

    3 times used,...
  11. Re: FBI's most dangerous Iowa cities and towns

    Oh I am glad you took the time to look through my posts. It makes me feel as though my life has meaning. I am so glad you are able judge a persons "thinker" status based off 200 posts.

  12. Re: FBI's most dangerous Iowa cities and towns

    EXACTLY! Sheesh I lived in Highland Illinois and we always were paranoid to leave Missouri after about 10pm for fear of not making it through ESTL... has a Gary Indiana feel to it with more you're...
  13. Re: FBI's most dangerous Iowa cities and towns

    Careful... last time I tried to point out the scary areas of Waterloo I was accused of being a racist... Doesn't change the fact that there are areas of town that most people (regardless of race)...
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    Re: Pollard and blame

    I don't put a lot of blame on Pollard either but he DID sign that stupid deal with UNI through the end of days...
  15. Re: FBI's most dangerous Iowa cities and towns

    Express my condolences to your friend... I'll light a candle to memorialize her pizza death next time I am in church.

    I almost worked for the historical society in Boone... glad I turned it down...
  16. Re: FBI's most dangerous Iowa cities and towns

    WTH is going on in Centerville??????

    #12 on a list of 13 that the OP for some reason only gave us the top 10 on?

    That HAS to be meth right? Are adult relations with cows counted in this as a...
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    Re: Ole Miss vs Auburn

    You know what this means? Since Florida State had a come from behind victory and Ole Miss/Auburn came down to a fluke fumble... Ole Miss and Auburn should jump FSU... and since Bama didn't play...
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    Re: Anxiety For A Freshman

    Cannot requote this enough... A bachelors in history or anthropology will land you a job that pays 30k right out of college unless you get into the national park system. Most small non profits...
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    Re: Anxiety For A Freshman

    Don't worry about which college you go into at the moment... many people change halfway through their first or second years. Work on Gen Eds and look for interesting degrees that way. If you go...
  20. Re: Anybody Watching Florida State at Louisville?

    FSU needs to lose so that we can get 4 SEC teams... it is only fair. They are the best conference remember?
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  • November 29, 2014
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