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  1. Re: *** Official Oakland vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I agree. It seemed so out of step for Iowa State basketball, particularly the fact that some of those looked like they were fade-aways, which the Cyclones have pretty much eliminated from their...
  2. Re: PODCAST: Williams/Blum season predictions

    I didn't listen to the podcast, but is that really what they did? That is a terrible way of predicting wins and losses.

    With regard to question marks surrounding Hogue, the biggest question mark...
  3. Re: Georgia State - the "Iowa State of mid-major basketball"

    Yes, that's true but I think the three we're missing could be our 6th-8th best players. I'd be a lot more worried if we were missing our three best players like Niang, BDJ and Morris, because that...
  4. Re: Could we field two tourney teams? Minus a bench.

    I like these two teams better, and it's not clear which of them is better, although I'd lean toward the second one because of its experience. If you swap BDJ and Nader then they'd be pretty even....
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    Re: Clayton Custer

    That surprises me. I don't expect Custer to play a lot, since by my count he'd be the fourth man off the bench behind Thomas, Nader and McKay. I wonder who is going to run the point when Monte is...
  6. Re: *** Official Viterbo vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    I tuned into this game excited to see the new players, Dejean-Jones, Custer, the Greek, and to see if there was any improvement in some of the returners like Edozie and SDW. What impressed me most of...
  7. Re: *** HOOPS PREDICTIONS for the 2014-15 season ***

    I'm a little less optimistic than some others on here about the non-conference. I see us being favored in every game but @Iowa, but you don't win a game just because you're favored. I see us losing...
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    Re: New Schedule - Season Prediction Time!!!

    The non-conference is much easier than last year but being perfect in the non-con for a second year in a row is unrealistic. Look at the great 1999-2000 team, the best in school history. That team...
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    Review "Melvin Ejim: Cyclone Legend" has produced a 30-minute documentary on Melvin Ejim's four-year career at Iowa State. The documentary focuses heavily on Ejim's senior season when he broke the league's record for most...
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    Re: way to go ISU

    "Marihuana" is an acceptable alternative spelling of that word.
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    Re: Iowa State vs South Carolina

    Well, KU's schedule was the toughest in the country. What do you want from them? To play all of their games on the road?
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    Re: Iowa State vs South Carolina

    I'm sort of with twocoach here, wondering if Iowa State will play a good team in its non-conference schedule. Iowa should be a tough game, but it will be hard to get excited for the others. It's more...
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    Re: Positionless Offense

    I like this article, although it might be worth noting that UConn just won the championship using a couple of very good short guards a couple of tall guys who mostly block shots. In that respect,...
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    Re: UConn - Mich St.

    UConn looked really good today, although they didn't shoot the three as well against MSU as they did against us.

    I'm not as confident as everyone else that we would have beaten UConn with Niang,...
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    Re: Easy Prediction

    The end of this season doesn't feel as bad as the end of last season, not only because of the way in which we lost our final game but also because of the relatively few seniors we have (two) compared...
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    Re: Big XII vs. Big 10

    I agree the performance of the Big 10 teams in the tournament sure makes that conference look stronger than ours. But as others have said, we and KU had pretty significant injuries to overcome.
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    Re: ***OFFICIAL "I Love Hogue" THREAD***

    If you have to lose a tournament game, you want to lose one where a returning player goes into beast mode to prove to you what he can do next season. Ejim, Kane and Niang have all had terrific games...
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    Re: Future Non-Con with UCONN?

    I agree that it's much more likely ISU and UConn will see each other in an early season tournament than to have a home-and-home matchup.
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    Re: Dorsey-Walker

    The little that he has been in the game, I'd say turnovers are keeping him from seeing the floor.
  20. Re: Where can one get a UCONN fan's perspective?

    The number of threads started by UConn fans is pretty high, but don't you think that, on the whole, they've been better than almost every thread that other teams' fans have posted here?

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