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    Re: Black Friday Fights/Stampede

    I ask myself every year, is saving $100 really worth me losing all faith in humanity? Usually I decide no and sit home and get almost as good of deals on cyber Monday.
  2. Re: *** Official Maryland vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    They have an issue. There is a site that tracks site outages and is reporting a huge spike since about 8:00.
  3. Re: Admit it.....who had a Dirty Eustachy last night?

    Definitely a missed opportunity from the alumni association.
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    Re: Jurassic World (June 2015)

    Seriously, why would parents send their kids to an island filled with carnivorous dinosaurs? I mean, I understand wanting to send them away to get some sack time alone, but there's better options.
  5. Re: *** Official Alabama vs #13 IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Not seeing any mention of KU on my guide for tonight. WATCH ESPN is only showing KU as an ESPN3 game.
  6. Re: Black Seadevil fish filmed for first time ever.

    Is it time for the Iowa look alike thread? That looks a lot like Fran.
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    Re: Gasoline from water?

    I guess I took it as an alternative to batteries. Anything other than fossil fuels is going to end up energy negative. So really any alternative to fossil fuels is just a question about what's most...
  8. Thread: NFC Tags

    by Clonehomer

    Re: NFC Tags

    I started with NFC tags to do that same thing, but I found that if I just leave my Bluetooth on all the time I can just use trigger to have my phone launch what I want based on connecting to my car...
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    Re: ESPN suspends another employee

    Just another attempt by ESPN to appease the SEC folks. Can't be having your employees start talking Darwin when your college football business model relies so heavily on the south.
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    Gasoline from water?

    So we've all seen these claims before and most of them are bogus, but this does seem interesting. This seems to be just pumping electricity into...
  11. Thread: KU vs UK

    by Clonehomer

    Re: KU vs UK

    This is true. The NBADL has a salary cap and budgets. If the NBADL teams could hand out bags of cash without consequence then I'm sure they could competative.
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    Re: Buffalo NY area lake effect snow

    That sucks. Even a big snowblower wouldn't be much good since you'll run out of space to blow it to. You'd need a loader or something to move that elsewhere.
  13. Thread: KU vs UK

    by Clonehomer

    Re: KU vs UK

    I might even cheer for Iowa in that one. If only to hear their fans get even more excited before that 1-7 finish comes crashing down and they have to argue whether meaningless play-in games count for...
  14. Re: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson indicted on Child Injury charge

    To be honest, I thought they'd end up with a fine equivalent to 6 games worth of pay. I can see how they couldn't use that time on the exempt list as a suspension because he's getting paid, but I...
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    Re: New Basketball Court

    Is it just me or did the 3pt lines and lane lines look thinner than before?
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    Re: Anyone used a TV Slingbox successfully?

    Another thought is to switch to sattelite and buy a second dish. You can then just bring your normal home box with you and not have to worry about internet connections. We've had a lot of success...
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    Re: Space Heaters

    We have a Honeywell floor standing heater for our basement that works well. We don't spend a lot of time down there so we don't keep it warm all the time.
  18. Re: *** Official Oakland vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Anyone know why the game isn't on the radio in Cedar Falls? They usually throw it over to 1250 AM when the blackhawks are playing but they aren't listing tonight's game at all on their website.
  19. Re: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson indicted on Child Injury charge

    I don't see how he pleads no contest and yet still doesn't miss a game check. He'll sit at least a couple weeks.
  20. Re: Clemson is considering a $350 student fee to offset athletic costs.

    $350 per semester is $2800 for a 4 year degree. For the students that never attend a sporting event because they have to wotk a full time job, that's a hefty add on to their student loan debt.
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  • TV: FS1
  • FOOTBALL: Iowa State vs. West Virginia
  • November 29, 2014
  • 11:00 AM