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    Re: Is chivalry really dead?

    When this happens to me, sometimes I will respond with an overly cheery "you're welcome!" as they breeze by. Usually their look of confusion provides enough satisfaction. But it's pretty ****** to...
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    Re: Have any of you owned a hedgehog?

    They need to be well-socialized when young so they're used to human interactions. If they are not given a lot of attention early on, they don't typically react well to being handled. They are also...
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    Re: Dog/Neighbor Question

    Definitely contact some sort of an authority (local police, or even better a lawyer) and explain the details without using your neighbor's name. Find out if the neighbor is liable for the injuries...
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    Re: Texas Tech Wed., Nov. 26

    It would be great to get that match back into the 'W' column instead of where it ended up. Combined with another win in the evening against Tech, it would put Iowa State in a better spot come...
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    Re: American Music Awards

    I remember when I used to watch the American Music Awards and actually looked forward to them. I didn't even know they were on last night. And it doesn't seem like I missed anything, either.
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    Re: MLB Offseason Hot Stove

    Looks like Pablo Sandoval has decided on Boston this morning. CBS reporting a 5 year, $95 million dollar deal. San Francisco offered basically the same thing. The Sox are also reportedly picking...
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    Re: MLB Offseason Hot Stove

    If Butler does anything close to what he did in KC for the A's, the fans in Oakland are going to eat him up. If there's anything A's fans love, it's a hard-working, blue-collar type on the field. I...
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    Re: Help with Thanksgving Dinner

    Try making a couple things like the potatoes, stuffing, and green beans the night before, then all you have to do is throw them in the oven Thanksgiving Day. It keeps me from falling behind schedule...
  9. Re: Friday OT #2 What has surprised you about getting older?

    Testify! I was the exact same way and have evolved to the same point when it comes to "my team(s)" losing today.
  10. Re: Friday OT #2 What has surprised you about getting older?

    I waited a long time for my vision to start going a bit, but it's just been in the last couple of years that I have to hold small print stuff at arm's length to read it. Otherwise, no contacts, no...
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    Poll: Re: Do you wish you had served?

    No. But if I had ever needed to make a choice about which branch, I probably would have followed my dad's footsteps in the Air Force. No idea what I would have done. He was a mechanic, but got to...
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    Re: Volleyball: Iowa State at OU on TV?

    This was a great win for Iowa State! Oklahoma had not lost at home yet this year. The Texas match is up next for them, so look for OU to make it two home losses in a row. Texas will be looking for...
  13. Re: Texas Tech Students Don't Know Who Won the Civil War, Etc.

    Sorry, I thankfully missed it. I hope you just forgot to add the :jimlad:.
  14. Re: Texas Tech Students Don't Know Who Won the Civil War, Etc.

    With the political and US history questions, I honestly don't know that the average ISU student would be knowing these answers either. I'd like to think we're smarter than Tech (and we probably are...
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    Re: 14-15 WBB Bracketology

    Wow. Issuing a bracketology projection before a single game has even been played is completely pointless. It's based on nothing other than wild guesses, especially when it comes to mid-majors and...
  16. Re: I know Im in minority However Rhoads is my guy no matter what.

    I like Rhoads and I wish he was winning. But he's not. He's losing with his own recruits and has been for a while now. The one winning season we've had with him was with Chizik's guys. I'm not...
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    Re: Pre-season rankings out

    I hope a lot of people are, honestly. We seem to do better when no one else expects much. Hopefully, we'll ring up a stunner or two when Big 12 play begins.
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    Re: Big match against K-State tonight

    If vball can figure out how to win a game or two on the road, we should be in good shape to make the tournament. We'll have to travel for 1st and 2nd rounds, pretty much guaranteed at this point,...
  19. Thread: Walking Dead

    by Buster28

    Re: Walking Dead

    The beginning of 28 Days Later did explain the origin of "rage," at least to a point. It started in an animal testing lab with chimpanzees when activists broke in to free them. The chimps attacked...
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    Re: MLB Offseason Hot Stove

    The KC Star reports that both the Royals and Butler are open to a new agreement that would be worth less money than the 2015 option was worth. HE wants to remain a Royal and THEY are interested in...
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  • TV: FS1
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  • November 29, 2014
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