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  1. Re: Rhoads was Big 12's lowest paid coach last season

    I think they're all gone ml. Not one response.
  2. Re: NBA-D: Iowa Energy to stay in Des Moines - now affiliated with Memphis Grizzles

    Meh. Nobody I know attends these games. I've heard it's not uncommon for there to be <1000 routinely in attendance.
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    Re: Sam Mack's Linkedin Page

    I wonder if Levin White thinks its funny. I doubt it
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    Re: KSU most poverty arena in big12?

    Dude you are a turncoat and KSU's entire athletic department is out of gas
  5. Re: watched most of dan's ntsu game last night ...

    Agree. Great post/analogy
  6. Thread: Gravity

    by MohawkCy88

    Re: Gravity

    How do you define opinion and reality? I'm worried for you.

    The storyline was pedestrian at best. Really not that thought provoking in my opinion.

    If given the opportunity to see it again for...
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    Re: Books that would be good movies

    Baboon Babies
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    Re: This will sound crazy...

    Heres what I would do........ Chalk it up to experience, learn from it, drink plenty of water, and dont pay attention to all the jobless who frequent CF
  9. Re: Ragister: A $900,000 year for ISU's Pollard

    The bonus was likely moved up to avoid paying taxes in 2013. Good move. I would expect nothing less from JP.

    Smart, motivated and edgy. Wasn't a fan when he pushed D Mac away but I'm a huge...
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    Re: Next year's starters

    Bubu in place of Jones to start the year. Otherwise, no changes
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    Re: Cici's Buffet

  12. Re: Why do parents park their babies on the deli counter and pizza place tables?

    Do you remember when they ranked posters a couple of months ago? Lets start a top 20. I vote ML #1. The Throttle Down is packed tonight!
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    Re: Anyone here a physician?

    I would go to the U of I if your CV is strong. Much cheaper and leaves more options open in the long run.
    Only you can determine if its worth it. The issue moving forward to most is the lack of...
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    Re: Chicken coop in DSM

    Thumbs up
  15. Re: Great Deadspin Article about an ESPN Writer

    I am Sarah Phillips
  16. Re: U.S. Tightens Rules on Antibiotics Use for Livestock

    Agreed. Given the amount of regulation hidden in the Accountable Care Act, its going to be much easier for doctors to explain to patients that they won't get drugs for sniffly noses or back pain...
  17. Re: U.S. Tightens Rules on Antibiotics Use for Livestock

    Good one on the cows! Thats clever.

    Do I care if you decide to give your animals medicine - as long as it doesnt effect me then absolutely not. There are ramifications to this however and...
  18. Re: U.S. Tightens Rules on Antibiotics Use for Livestock

    I suppose they can but I would say that a vet would be better able to do it and, in light of the underlying issue (antibiotic resistance), I think it would be better for a vet to do it.

    To use...
  19. Re: U.S. Tightens Rules on Antibiotics Use for Livestock

    I guess I'm feeling more comforatbale with the administration of a drug, that is regulated by the FDA in humans, being the responsibility of someone who has advanced training in pharmacology and...
  20. Re: U.S. Tightens Rules on Antibiotics Use for Livestock

    I think you're missing the point. Its not about the animal, its about the drugs. Antibiotic resistance is a real issue. If you don't believe me, check out the over 6000 citations easily viewed on...
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