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    Re: Paul Rhoads

    [QUOTE=isucy86;4317840]Last year there were grumblings a bout:the season, but I think most:Cyclone fans saw it as a blip and we would be a 5-6 win team in 2014.

    As bad as things are, lets not...
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    Re: Heer come the Bearcats!

    Is Bell even the 5' 5" she is listed at? She seemed pretty tiny out there, but I guess even her listed height is pretty short for a BB player.
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    Re: Heer come the Bearcats!

    Team looked a lot sharper today, especially passing the ball. Way too many soft passes against Drake last week.
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    Does ISU over offer Jucos this year?

    It looks like ISU will be hitting the Jucos hard this year, as they should. The question I have is do you accept more guys in February then allowable, knowing that several guys will not show up? It...
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    Re: A year can make a difference

    I tend to agree with the original poster, that it is not completely hopeless, if, and this might be a big if, they can get a few decent defensive Juco players to go along with the young guys coming...
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    Re: 6 point favorite tomorrow?

    does seem a little low considering it is at Hilton South, and ISU is getting two pretty good guys back, and they were pretty darn good without them.
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    My 3 steps to saving 2015 FB season

    I don't think that CPR will be fired at the end of the year, although, I am starting to feel like he should be. Assuming he will be back, here is what needs to happen:

    1) Wally needs to retire. ...
  8. Re: Game story: Sam Richardson on why he ran (and wishes he hadn't)

    Yes, I think if he had taken off on 3rd down he would have been close to the first down. I was not happy about the last play, but there is a lot of blame to go around for the whole game.

    I was...
  9. Re: Game story: Sam Richardson on why he ran (and wishes he hadn't)

    It looked pretty bad on TV, but the announcers thought it was a good play by TT. It was just one of those calls that a ref will not make because it was very close and at the end of a game.
  10. Re: RECRUITING: 6 JUCO defensive players visiting

    Well, he not completely wrong, there have been a lot on injuries this year, but the problem is beyond this. The team just has no fight left in it. The defense is not just lacking talent, it is...
  11. Re: RECRUITING: 6 JUCO defensive players visiting

    Well, one thing about it, the team showed all these Juco that they can certainly come in and play right away.
  12. Thread: Pathetic

    by CyCloned

    Re: Pathetic

    This is exactly right, that was a horrible effort on 4th and he had a 6 yard gain if he runs on 3rd, but throws a 7 yard pass into tight coverage instead. He is still the best ISU has, but he has...
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    Re: Jon Rothstein Observations

    This, 100%. I did not like the couple times he went MJ on the break with open guys on the wing, or the turn around jump shot from 15 he threw up against Oakland, but he was a completely different...
  14. Re: RECRUITING: 6 JUCO defensive players visiting

    ISU desperately needs a couple big, physical, angry DL, and 2 LBers with size, speed and ability. Would be nice if they could come in at the semester too. Spring Jucos often struggle to get on the...
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    Re: Texas' Taylor Out for Several Weeks

    Too bad for TX and Taylor, but pretty stupid to try and showboat against Iowa, who tends to play pretty physical anyway. I remember last year in Ames Hawk fans were mad because of all the fouls, but...
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    Re: Iowa Texas Line 4.5

    I agree White is good, but he is also pretty limited and does not have a complete game. When teams figure out to get back on defense and not to go for his shot fakes from 20 feet his point totals...
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    Re: Help: Faucet Shaking

    If it is only at that sink, start with taking the filter off. Also, the way the base of the spout shakes you could be getting air into the line where the joint is.
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    Re: Iowa Texas Line 4.5

    I have only watched the last couple minutes, Iowa with an airball, threw the ball right to a TX player, and got a flagrant foul. Not finishing very well.
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    Re: Iowa Texas Line 4.5

    I think Iowa will be close or win this game. Under Fran Iowa has always started the season strong, like they have 4 weeks more practice than everyone else. Unfortunately, they never improve as the...
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    Sticky: Re: Win a Kegorator! Week 13 pick 'em.

    Wisconsin (-9.5) @ Iowa
    Louisville @ Notre Dame (-3.5)
    Mississippi (-3.5) @ Arkansas
    Oklahoma State @ Baylor (-27.5)
    Arizona @ Utah (-4.5)
    Texas Tech @ Iowa State (-1.5)

    Tiebreaker: Total...
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