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    Re: Heer come the Bearcats!

    To answer two questions...
    1. Yes, I was typing too fast and "Here" became "Heer." Glad it made for some levity!
    2. Iowa. Right now I'm thinking they win handily. I only say that for two reasons -...
  2. Twister Sister Summary - Bearcats humbled in 31 point win

    After experiencing another late game collapse by the football team, the game today was completely refreshing. As I mentioned previously, I suspected the days between the Drake game and this one would...
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    Heer come the Bearcats!

    Cincinnati comes into Ames after losing on the road to UT-Martin. They overcame an 11 point deficit in the second half but couldn't get over the hump.

    Like us, they are inexperienced in the post....
  4. Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies win ugly over Drake

  5. Re: WBB: State title run begins tonight (Fennelly video)

    Moody had some bad moments in the 2nd. But overall was pretty sharp
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    Re: Observations

    What we, as fans. need to understand is what is behind Cyclone TV. unlike most athletic departments we have a very limited staff trying to do everything. The budget is paper thin and trying to...
  7. Re: WBB: State title run begins tonight (Fennelly video)

    We did have an answer to the zone...its called attack it by the guards. It worked effectively in the first half. Its also called hitting your outside shots to force their hand. We also did that in...
  8. Twister Sister Summary - Ladies win ugly over Drake

    Where to start on this one? If you caught my note in the preview thread you could tell I was ringing a bell of warning. This Drake team has some talent. If you had asked me part way through the first...
  9. Re: WBB: State title run begins tonight (Fennelly video)

    You can't look too much into Drake's opening loss. They played at home against a good South Dakota team that is loaded with 10 upperclassmen on the roster. Drake was in it right to the end before SD...
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    Fernstrom Big 12 Frosh of week
  11. Re: *** Official Georgia State vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Need us some defense
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    Re: Cyclones versus USC Upstate

    Three of the freshmen had significant minutes...double digits in fact.
  13. Twister Sister Summary - notes from afar...Sisters win against USC-Upstate

    I had to watch this one from home as I attended a good friend's parent's 60th wedding anniversary. I have to say that 60 years (my parents just celebrated 65 Friday) is an amazing accomplishment....
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    Re: Sunday game tickets free

    Oops...sorry...should have put this in ticket exchange
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    Sunday game tickets free

    Unfortunately I can't attend the game on Sunday as I need to attend the 60th wedding anniversary of the parents of a close friend. My tickets are available for free (ISU charges a $2 per ticket fee...
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    Re: 14-15 WBB Bracketology

    My mistake...sorry for mis-reading.
  17. Re: Twister Sister Summ...ah was yard work day!

    Personally, I think people are worrying way too much. The posts will develop slowly but surely as they work through the nonconference season. We've always had some great coaches working with the...
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    Re: 14-15 WBB Bracketology

    Nothing voids signature wins. The non-con doesn't add positives other than badly needed experience and hopefully a win over top 20 Iowa in the process. You get wins in the big 12 and they speak for...
  19. Re: Does JP quietly stop by the Mangino household this weekend?

    Why is everyone so enamored with Mangino. He's shown already that he's combative with those around him. He fights with the other coaches. His offense hasn't been anything to write home about.
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    Re: Amazon Echo - New Product

    If I had Siri plugged into a dock...that takes care of the sound part. What else does it do that Siri can't?
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