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    Next opponent: Alabama

    Only beat Western Carolina 80-74 tonight.
  2. Re: Des Moines Selected for 1st/2nd Round for NCAA Tournament in 2016

    I am excited for 2018, make it to the Midwest region and make it to Omaha as Omaha is the regional!
  3. UNLV and mostly Rashad Vaughn beat Morehead St barely

    60-59, Vaughn had 26
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    Re: New Cyclone - Jameel McCoy

    Obvious Big 12 sports writers are Big 12 refs!
  5. The year after Paul Rhoads left Iowa St as an assistant

    Coincidence or not but the year after he left Iowa St had their best season ever, was he ever a good assistant during that time under D-Mac if anyone remembers?
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    Re: Tristan Nickelson - New Commit

    When did Texas start recruiting jucos, especially with all the high school talent?
  7. Re: How does something like MI and TX football floundering happen?

    How about Florida?
  8. Finally, Iowa St has a group of Big 12 type of wide receivers.

    And a qb that can get them the ball and next year will even be better with the return of Bundrage and Harris!
  9. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State at Texas Game(day) Thread ***

    CY.TV broadcast production is on, convenient timing at half time!
  10. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State at Texas Game(day) Thread ***

    Anyone think Lazard won't be here for 4 years, he is just taller than anyone on the field!! NFL wide receiver for sure!
  11. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State at Texas Game(day) Thread ***

    This isn't even a tv feed, it's a computer generated from Watch ESPN feed, funny thing is how they get access?
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    Re: Here we F'n go,

    All they had to do is is get a camera and plug it into a computer a pc and broadcast on YouTube.
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    Sherron Dorsey-Walker progression?

    Have not heard anything on his progression going into this season from last year. Could he be a key contributor early on in the year?
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    Re: Fox Sports MBB Rankings

    Never thought I see the day that a basketball poll would put Nebraska and Iowa in it and not Michigan St, as much as I hate Sparty they will always will be a top 25 team at years end.
  15. Re: What can we do to increase media attention?

    Start winning football games, see Iowa State basketball!
  16. Re: Some Jon Rothstein tweets from ISU practice

    I had 1000 more doubts last year going into the season after losing quite of few players. I will never worry again with Hoiberg at the helm. Iowa State is the Baylor in basketball with the high...
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    Re: fire all the coaches v3.0

    The thing that is disappointing is Paul Rhoads is defensive coach but yet Iowa Stat has a bad defense, when he does go I vote to hire a head coach with an background with the offense.
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    Re: Ryder Cup

    Bradley and Mickelson back in business at the 17, Mcilroy and Garcia just hit their worst shots all year.
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    Re: Ryder Cup

    Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed came to play to earn a full point for Team USA.

    Very disappointed with Bradley and Mickelson giving up a 2 hole lead on the back 9. (3 holes to play)

  20. Announcers for Iowa State and Baylor?

    Please tell me it's Gus Johnson
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  • TV: Fox Sports Net
  • BASKETBALL: Iowa State vs. Alabama
  • November 24, 2014
  • 08:30 PM