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  1. CBE Hall of Fame Classic Preview: A return to "Hilton South"

    What you need to know about this week's tournament in KC.
  2. CFTV: Hoiberg previews the CBE Classic

    From today's practice.
  3. RECRUITING: 6 JUCO defensive players visiting

    Huge weekend on the recruiting trail.
  4. FAW PODCAST: Best Bets & CBE preview

    Fun stuff with Mark Charter and Adam Gray.
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    Re: CW & about beers in KC?

    Yo dudes. I probably shouldn't drink before working those nights BUT I will be happy to promote any sort of a Cyclone meet up for you all to hopefully get you more people. Let me know details and...
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    PODCAST: 11-20-14 CF Radio Show

    Lots of Big 12 hoops. Kirk Haaland joined us.
  7. Re: PODCAST: Breaking down the 2015 football schedule

    Sorry bud but that's just not realistic. Texas is probably a top 5 brand in the sport. Iowa State is...well, not that.

    The issue with non-con scheduling these days is that these non power 5...
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    "Expert Picks:" Week 13

    Big 12 game tonight, so enjoy
  9. Sports Docs' Weekly Blitz: Labral tears of the shoulder

    Interesting blog today from Dr. Buck. Technology is amazing in the medicine world.
  10. Diante Garrett: Fred Hoiberg's original point guard

    Rob caught up with DG earlier this week.
  11. PODCAST: Breaking down the 2015 football schedule

  12. Re: Sam Richardson's on a "pitch count" this week

    FWIW, I made a few calls on this and the "Richardson has not been throwing" stuff appears to be false. In fact, I'd say I'm nearly 100 percent sure of it. I fully expect him to play on Saturday, per...
  13. PODCAST: Talking about ISU's win over GSU & more

    Tommy joins me today.
  14. COLUMN: The importance of 4-year players; Naz Long's improvement; jottings

    Lots of stuff from last night and beyond. Thanks for reading.
  15. WBB: State title run begins tonight (Fennelly video)

    Jared's preview for Iowa State/Drake.
  16. Rob Gray Morris strong on both ends vs. Georgia State

    Rob's story from last night.
  17. CFTV: Hoiberg's press conference post Georgia State rout

    Fred presser from tonight can be seen here.
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    Alert: Re: Regarding this week

    Great post. My eyes were really opened today. I came away with SO MUCH respect for the process. I seriously had no idea what went into everything. When the judge calls it your most important civic...
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    Alert: Re: Regarding this week

    I second this.
  20. CFTV: Rhoads Texas Tech week press conference

    Video here from Jared Stansbury.
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  • TV: Fox Sports Net
  • BASKETBALL: Iowa State vs. Alabama
  • November 24, 2014
  • 08:30 PM